Two Scottish Terriers visit the Grand Canyon

Two Scottish Terriers visit the Grand Canyon
Jett and Diesel see the Grand Canyon for the first time – with a little trepidation?

By FieldFrames on Flickr

All the Scottie News can say is “Awwww.”

12 thoughts on “Two Scottish Terriers visit the Grand Canyon

  1. Love to know where they could see the canyon. Tartan was not allowed to go near it because the Ranger said something about “perservation.”

    1. Pets are allowed on the South Rim ABOVE the canyon – this was a pull out on the South Rim…

  2. I’m totally scared of heights… my ears would be down and my tail between my legs too … if I was a Scottie 🙂
    Kirk and I are in Dunoon and making our way to The Isle of Islay, enjoying some good Scottish weather, (force 7 gales and lashings of rain followed by bright sunshine!)

  3. Very cute shot — and such brave Scots they are. Are they on leash? Maggie would be scanning the spectacular vista for any sign of squirrels. After all, her “purpose in life” is to protect the world from our furry friends (at least in her mind) — even at the Grand Canyon. Actually, recently a baby squirrel fell out of a tree right at her feet and Maggie looked confused. I’m curious. Did Diesel and Jett bark and hear echoes?

  4. No, no barks from them this time (though plenty in the campground)! Yes, they are on a leash – NEVER trust a Scottie, especially two young adolescent males! Jett and Diesel are headed to Yellowstone and then Mount Rushmore – you can follow their travels on!

    1. Oh my gosh Alison with an L. Only one L that is! You really captured something when you took the pic of them running across the lawn. I love the snarly teeth. I see it occasionaly from my black girl Marcella and I laugh!
      Awesome website too, I will follow these two boys for sure. My girls would love them.

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