Where does your Scottish Terrier sleep?

Do you let sleeping Scottie dogs lie wherever they want?

Scottish Terrier puppy sleeps with old shoeTiny Sleeper by missmoney on Flickr

Sheena recently suggested that the sleeping habits of Scotties would make a good topic, and the Scottish Terrier News concurred.

While Bridget was crated as a puppy, she only made the crate her home for a short period and happily abandoned it. (At the time, I didn’t know about  more stylish crates or travel crates.) Pet Crates & Kennels)

Bridget the demon Scottish Terrier puppy in crate with satin pillow

Nowadays, Bridget sleeps around — on the couch, in an armchair, in her dog bed, all of which are located in the living room. On the occasions when I’ve moved her dog bed into my room, she will sometimes sleep there. I’ve been meaning to replace her IKEA dog bed with something a little bit more modern like a BowHaus bed,  and possibly buy two beds — one for the living room and one for the bedroom — but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. As a result, I’m totally in awe of Taffy’s luxury facilities.

As for Sheena, here’s her dogs’ routine:

My girls –Scottie and Westie –have a ritual every evening. Anywhere between 9:30 and 10pm, it’s ok Mum and Dad time for us to go potty, which they do. Then the Scottie runs off to her house/crate for her cookie. The westie lalligogs and eventually follows. They have nice thick dog beds and towels that they make into their pillows and curl up and that’s it until morning.
We have tried several times have them them sleep with us on or off the bed or just sleeping wherever they like but they always end up in “their” house. I would love to hear from other people…

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  1. Mamushka started out in her crate (we call it her den) and she slept there for most of her 1st year then she started sleeping with us at night. She takes naps on the couch or with us on one of our chairs. She likes my chair the best so if I get up she comes and steals it!

  2. I was just commenting to my husband this morning that Macintosh is like the princess and the pea. His current favourite spot is the spare bed which has three quilts folded up on it. He sleeps on top of them. Normally he sleeps on our pillows or across my legs or on my husbands back. Nice in the winter but he’s like a furnace in the summer. He’s thoroughly spoiled I’m afraid.

  3. Our Scotties, all FIVE of them, sleep in bed with us at night. It’s quite a ritual to see them claim their own special spot as they jump into bed. We made a set of stairs so they can get onto the tall bed. It is quite a zoo at night.

    1. Wow! Impressive! It is just me and one lone Scottie…but he can manage to get the majority of the bed. My past two Scotties could, as well. Masters of geometry, find the middle of the bed and rotate towards the human. I usually get pinned at the edge of the bed.

      1. Sue
        I know exactly what you mean about
        Scotties finding the middle of the bed
        and rotating towards the human so that the
        human is half hanging off the bed. It must
        be genetic!

  4. OK…here’s the drill:

    In the morning, I tend to sleep in and have been known to sleep until 10:00 AM. Then I get up – from the human bed, of course – take a walk around the block, go next door and play with my girlfriend, come home and nap all afternoon on the little rug on the landing of the stairs, get up and terrorize some toys for just a little bit maybe, then take another walk around the block, chase some bunnies or fetch sticks, have dinner, wait patiently for ANOTHER quick walk around the house, then off to bed (the human bed) after a nightcap of green beans.

    Sometimes, I’ll nap where my peeps work during the day (They work from home) on a crate pad covered with a baby blanket.

    When I was a pup, I slept in an X pen used as a crate in the bedroom. Then I learned how to get up on the human bed by jumping first on a little sofa, then up on the bed. (I imagine They’ll get me some steps when I can’t jump up anymore.)

    I do love to sleep!

    Arroooo! Stuart

  5. When we first got Bonnie and Piper we had a nightly ritual to put them to bed in their crates. They also had larger cage-like crates on the first floor for when we would be gone a couple of hours during the day.
    After my husband died I figured life was too short to not have your scottie in bed with you at night. Bonnie is with me nightly. Piper died and then I rescued Glinda who sleeps on the bed too. I have a new rescue Mia who is 10 years old and cannot climb the stairs so I carry her up and put her on the bed. The three dogs and I sleep comfortably. Everyone has their favorite spot.

    During the day they sleep wherever they want. They have favorite chairs.

  6. Tartan sleeps wherever he wants and has since a pup. The picture of the Scottie sleeping on a shoe reminds me how Tartan liked to sleep on my feet when I watched t.v. or washed the dishes. I have a pop up tent for him so it’s like his own cave in my bedroom, but he still prefers sleeping with me on the bed. Even if I try to have him sleep in his own bed, he’ll wake me up with his small hops (his message to me that he wants me to pick him up and place him on the bed).

  7. On my (his) bed, of course. When my mother came to visit and I gave her the bed, Mac would jump up every night and sit there and look at her as if to say “My bed.” The night she packed to leave, he sat on the bed and watched with great interest and satisfaction.
    Between the cat and Mac, I would have to get a California King if I ever got a significant other.
    PS Sometimes he likes to sleep up against me and other times not.

  8. Clyde and Bonnie (my former Scottie and Westie) used to sleep on top of me! Now, my current two Scotties (Watson and Sherlock) sleep here and there – in my bed when I’m at work, on the sofa snuggled up next to me when we watch TV together, or in their crates when they want to be alone (e.g. if the TV show isn’t to their liking). Sometimes they’ll snooze on top of my hockey equipment (good Canadian boys, eh?) Yes, they’re spoiled – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  9. My Scottie at night sleeps with us and our lab! Yeah, fun….But during the day 90% of the time she can be found on the “back” of our sofa looking out the window. She takes toys up there, sleeps there, etc. To her we think it’s her giant HD big screen TV. I can’t tell you how much I’ve spent on dog beds and none of my dogs would ever sleep in them. It’s so sad. But basically, yes, our Scottie sleeps any place she so desires.

    1. Our Desmond does the same thing! Sits on the back of our couch and looks out the window. We call it “dog tv”. So much cuteness.

  10. Amelia and Marcella sleep most of the day in the sunny front room. Usually under the couch. At night they sleep in bed with my husband and I. Quite recently Marcella has been in the habit of putting herself to bed at 8:30 pm on the dot. When she goes, she stands at the side of the bed and barks till we come put her up. It’s a very high bed so they have to be put up and down. Amelia has to be prodded to go potty and get in bed, otherwise she will sleep wherever, wake up at 1:00am and want to go potty! It’s a given if she is left to her own devices.
    In the morning my husband gets up early and lets whoever wants to go, go potty. They gallop back to the bedroom when they are done because they are still sleepy. When the girls and I finally wake up, it’s a snuggle fest. They come up to get scratched and I usually sing my morning song, no joke. Then we get up. They wouldn’t know what to do in a Kennel and I hope they never have to find out.

  11. All of our Scotties have been very dedicated to routine. After dinner they get their walk, meds in canned food, and a chew stick. Then around nine they expect my mom (they are her shadows) to take them out then upstairs for bed, where one goes into the crate and the other on my mom’s pillow until she goes to bed. If this routine is interrupted or changed they get highly insulted.

  12. Lola and I were invited to sleep on the bed with our new mommy and daddy the first night we cmae to our forever home after they rescued us. We’ve learned how to fit between both of them and it really works great. This way we can easily get our mommy up at 7:00 AM to take us for an early walk. Our daddy sleeps in, so we get him to take us for another walk later in the day. Because we walk abut two miles with each of them, we sleep really well at night!

  13. I have several sleeping places.
    For night I have a big beanbag pillow in mum and dad’s bedroom, so if I need to go out at night they’re right there to hassle!
    During the day I sleep on a bean bag in the lounge room (I don’t think it was intended for me, I think it was meant for the small person who joined the family 3 yrs ago).
    I also like to sleep nestled under the stools near the bench in the kitchen, it’s got a good vantage point; you can see everyone coming and going.

  14. I read all the books before Kirk arrived and they all said that Scotties like their own space, or a little den to go to and humans are not allowed to bother them once they have retreated there … unless they let you.
    Kirk has her own dogbed, an expensive leather number, which is pretty mobile about the house, it gets picked up and moved everywhere! It’s her place, no-one bothers her once she’s in it. She likes my bed, but I kick a lot in my sleep. She loves the leather sofa that she’s not allowed on and goes there when we go out shopping and leave her alone.
    Best, she loves laying on my legs while I watch TV.

  15. We’ve had Fiona for a little more than a year. She is seventeen months old as of April 18, 2011. She was a gift to me for my heart condition and has become an integral part of my life. At first she slept in her carrier with the door closed to get used to the house. We bought her a bed which she now uses when we go off without her. That bed is in the den. The carrier is put up. We’ve never taken her in it anywhere. She likes the openness of the car or truck. At night we take her out around 9 or 9:30 p.m. for her “final,” then it’s off to bed with me. She sleeps tail against my hip on my right side, or she sleeps full-length against me if she has a bad dream, as I tell her, “I’m here. Nothing can get you.” Naps are either in the den or living room on the sofa or behind a chair or in one of the recliners. When I’m off work she expects a nap with “Daddy” around 1 in the afternoon and I oblige her; mainly because she’s my baby and we are very close. Sometimes when I’m at work or away, she will snuggle in my wife’s lap and they nap together in her recliner.

    1. Yes Greg, the noisey dreams… I try to comfort my babies as well, but I’m not so sure that I’m not interrupting a great mouse hunt. Or maybe the groundhog that is putting up a grand fight. I usually let them go awhile before I intervene, just in case it’s not a bad dream.

  16. Dolcee sleeps at night with mom and dad, of course. Sometimes, right in between our pillows with her nose either in mom’s hair or very close to mom’s face. During the day, it is wherever she wants but her favorite place is on the back of one of our leather sofas with one of her paws or her chin on mom’s shoulder while she works on the laptop, watches tv or reads. And its the prime spot to watch birds, detect squirrels and spy chipmunks, her faithful duty to keep us all abreast.

  17. Dolcee sleeps at night with mom and dad, of course. Sometimes, right in between our pillows with her nose either in mom’s hair or very close to mom’s face. During the day, it is wherever she wants but her favorite place is on the back of one of the leather sofas with one of her paws or her chin on mom’s shoulder while she works on the laptop, watches tv or reads. And its the prime spot to watch birds, detect squirrels and spy chipmunks, her faithful duty to keep us all abreast.

  18. I thought my wife and I were the only ones crazy enough to let our Scottie (Bonnie) and our Westie (Gus) not only sleep in the bed, but actually on our pillows with their mouths snoring in our ears! Gus of course sleeps on his back 90% of the time and Bonnie curls around my head. Comforting to know we are not the only ones out there that spoil our “kids” rotten. Of course this is not completely new. Many years ago our 100lb German Shepherd also slept with us. It was a waterbed then and he LOVED the warm water mattress.

  19. Maggie, who’s 3, happily snoozes in her crate in my bedroom during the day. It’s her sanctuary from my two crazy cats. A thin blanket lines the bottom of the crate (she doesn’t like big, cushy pillows like Bridget’s.) But by the time I arrive home from work, the little blanket has been pushed into a far corner with the bottom tray of the crate exposed — summer or winter!
    At night, she sleeps on a thin blanket on the floor by my bed. Maggie has no interest in being up on the bed, the couch or chairs. When she was younger, I often tried lifting her up onto the couch beside me (I told myself I’d never encourage couch-hopping), but she quickly grew impatient with me and hopped back off. She clearly favours really hard surfaces like the wooden floor, so the bed, the couch, and cushy pillows are out. When she’s not in the crate (her “house”), she’s most often found sprawled out in the corner of the living/dining room beside the dining room table — but always with a sharp eye on the family.

  20. Pippi sleeps anywhere! Where does she sleep at night? On her own pillow between us. Where else would a princess sleep?

    We were good owners in the beginning, every night in a crate but once we went on the road it was too hard to keep her off the bed.


  21. Captain started off in a crate with a small basket in it – then graduated to no crate and a large fleecy tartan basket, which he loves, and uses a lot- my sister laughs and says it is big enough for a labrador not a scottie, but I tell her she is single and has a double bed so why shouldnt he –

    He comes up to my bed occasionally for a treat, which he likes, but rarely have him all night as he can be quite restless and not stay on the bed long. He seems to really like hard surfaces , and will generally alternate, bed floor, bed floor, . Another favourite place is by ny feet when I am watching television, or under my chair if I am at the computer.

  22. Bron sleeps in different places – her bed; favourite chair; settee etc. I would love her to sleep on the bed, but upstairs is a dog free zone so that the cat can eat and sleep in peace (no the cat in our bedroom because she wakes me up patting my face at 3am and 4am and 5am…….)

  23. We have two Scotties, Murray who is 5 years old and Winston who just turned 1 year old last month. Murray will sleep beside the bed under a chair but is not one to sleep with his parents all night long. As for Winston, the puppy, he is the first lap puppy I’ve ever owned. It’s almost as if he is attached to my at the hip. He likes to get underneath the covers yet when he is hot, you know it’s time for him to come crawling out. His favorite spot is between my husband and I at night as he has his own pillow there and will sleep just like a person. Our babies are spoiled but there is nothing wrong with that at all. We love them dearly and they are our joy in life!

  24. My hubby n I have 2 Scotties, 2 westies. They all have numerous beds throughout house but at night the whole gang piles on our sleep number. They prefer around 55. Lol. We have never crated any of our kids ( I know everyone gasps at that). We’ve had 2 westies and 1 Scottie prior to these guys and they slept on our bed too. We believe in well behaved pups but like them to be free too. Some of our friends dogs like the crate so it’s up to the dog I guess. :). Amy, Tim, Toby& Audrey the westies & Romeon& MacAllister the Scots

  25. Oh and we have to hurry, get in first, settle in quick before they do. The westies love on our pillows right in our faces. The Scotties right next to or on us. Comforting to know it’s not just us. One difference: the scots like to watch TV. Hilarious. Smart little guys. Both rescues

  26. Our year old Scottie, Maizie Mai, sleeps in her kennel in our walk in closet in our bedroom! She loves it. Goes to bed around 8 pm and wakes up between 5 am and 6 am! She never cried in her bed even when she came to us at 8 weeks old!
    Christine and Keith

  27. Dougan sleeps on the living room couch during the day. Some nights he spends on the big bed with us (that’s a treat), but he’s quite happy on his fluffy dog bed on the floor of our room. We crate trained him and are so glad that we did. When visiting friends and new places, Dougan cannot sleep through the night unless he’s in his crate. He knows it’s safe and that he doesn’t have to be on guard duty if we put him in his box.

  28. Piper starts the night in her crate, then wanders off in the early morning to her doggie bed in the living room, where she is to be found when I get up for work when I have early shift. On my other shifts, or weekends, she rejoins us in the bedroom and either naps in her crate, or just in front of the balcony door. During the day, she zizzes anywhere she finds comfortable, the tiled floors for preference in summer. The only place that is verboten is the guest bed/sofa with the Hudsons Bay Blanket throwover.

  29. My scottie has his habits and it is impossible to change. Charlie goes for a walk with me at 2100 ( if I am late, he gets terrible upset) and when we get back he goes in and eats a little, goes to the tv-room says goodnight to everybody also my Westie and then he goes to my bedroom were he has a big soft dogbed with lots of blankets and towels turns on his back with four legs up and go to sleep. He is so funny. Lately we have moved our bedroom to an other room and Charlie got really upset. He walk from the old room to the new room and back and did not know what to do. It was my Westie that saved him. My Westie went to Charlie and layed beside him in the new room. Then the relaxed. I love scotties, so complicated dogs. And smart!

  30. Maizie is 2 1/2 and still loves her kennel at night. She lets us know around 8 pm each night that she wants to go to bed. So off she goes …we give her a little goodie to take with her and we don’t see her again til 6 am the next day. If we chose to go to bed earlier than that she jumps up on the bed with us til it is her bedtime. Then off to her kennel. She has a bed in our family room which she goes to periodically throughout the day and in our office and when we sit to watch TV or read she lies next to us or drapes herself over the top of the couch. My 88 and 89 yr old parents live in a little house next to us and she is back and forth over there all day too. And does the same with them, next to them or in a little bed behind their desk. She is the easiest dog we have ever had. Full of personality and love for sure. We are probably going to get her a friend at Shady Nook Scottie Farm where she came from next year. She needs a friend to play with.

  31. Our two Scotties Rosie & Archie are rescue dogs so came to us at 8 years old. We started out with them on our bed to make them feel secure. 18 months down the line they go upstairs at 9.30pm and are sound asleep on their space on the bed. They sleep until 6.30am when Rosie announces it’s breakfast time with a playful growl and a bark…. Beautiful dogs and we adore them

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