12 thoughts on “A Scottish Terrier intelligence test

  1. As the first time owner of a 1 1/2 year old Scottish Terrier this intelligence test does ot surprise me at all! She has constantly amazed me with her intelligence since she was a puppy.

  2. very smart – reminds me of a rabbit I had, monty, I kept him in a pen/hutch combination,and couldnt work out how he was managing to escape from it. one day i watched him from the kitchen window, and saw him jump up and head butt the lid of the pen to flip it open so he could leap out. I had kept rabbits in that pen for 10 years and he was the only one who worked out how to get out, pretty clever bunny..
    All terriers are smart though. months ago, I dipped captain in a certain part of the river near me to get rid of some fox stuff on him out walking. He still remembers and wont come to me when we’re at that part of the river.

  3. I wonder if my Kirk is like most Scotties in the brain department?

    Kirk can be very, very stupid about some things unless they have a direct connection with her interests, then she’s ULTRA smart as a button!

    Self-interest is top priority, she’s like Sherlock Holmes with her own personal little ‘brain attic,’ outside that she’s not very interested in other stuff.

    These days, it’s the same with her hearing. She’s 12 years old and her ears are going, so ask her to ‘stay’, ‘sit’ or ‘come here’ and she can’t hear at all, so just ignores me. HOWEVER, mumble ‘walkies’, ‘bisects’’, ‘din-dins’, ‘pussy-cat’ or ‘good girl’ and hay, she’s with you like a shot.
    … a bit like all of us smart old folks 🙂

    1. Kirk sounds like a typical scottie to me – They definitely have a mind of their own. Captain started turning a deaf ear when he was about 8 months old if it didnt coincide with his interests – he will humor me to some extent but will remind me that he is his own dog in this ‘partnership’. He is my first Scottie, and definitely more independent and stubborn that any other dog I have encountered – a challenge at times, but sooooooooooooo loveable.

      1. Just noticed your’re from liverpool Tegan, I’m a fellow liverpudlian, but living in London now. Captain was born in Brighton.

          1. Well of course – no contest – only one team in Liverpool, isn’t there? – Up the reds!!!!!!!

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