A West Highland Terrier Wednesday rejection

Westie turned down as Olympic torch bearerThe Guardian of Croydon, England reports that the London 2012 committee wants local heros to apply to carry the torch:

But Hamish McFee, who won last year’s community champion award, is not allowed to be one of them. The 11-year-old West Highland terrier has devoted his dog days to helping others – working as a Pets as Therapy (Pat) dog, teaching children to cross the road safely and helping others overcome their fear of dogs.

He won at last year’s Croydon Champions awards and was also named 2010 Pat dog of the year at the Crufts dog show. The little hero, owned by Barry and Margaret Crossby from Addiscombe, was honoured for all his hard work with patients in the physiotherapy and stroke units at Mayday Hospital, where he has worked with the elderly and people in comas.

A London 2012 spokeswoman said: “From what we’ve heard, Hamish contributes to life in Croydon, but we want people with stories of personal achievement or contribution to the community to be celebrated. With limited places, we are comfortable inspiring stories of human endeavour should be our focus.”

4 thoughts on “A West Highland Terrier Wednesday rejection

  1. What a “bore” of a spokesman. Does he not realise the contribution Hamish makes to lifting the spirits of the community he works in: giving people hope, respite, unconditional affection all without wanting anything in return – how many “people” do that! It would have been a “coup” to see a wonderful canine companion be a part of the torch bearing party.

  2. From what I’ve read of the London Olympics, I’m not surprised of this. The London committee has done a fantastic job in debauching the event tickets and parading their ridiculous mascots as the greatest thing ever, whatever those creatures are. Even the logo looks like the writing I see sprayed painted along highway barriers here in Los Angeles. The London Olympics isn’t worthy of Hamish’s inspiration.

  3. Harry say, “Some people don’t like those who have worked hard to be successful. That’s their problem but why do the have to bring it into the dog world?”

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