Could it be Scottish Terrier cramp?

A reader writes:

I have a 5 yr old Scottie who has had bad cramps in his back legs, I have had him to 2 vets and they both say that it is all in his head. He was crated for too many hours when he was a pup and they say he is depressed.

They don’t believe me when I tell them that he is not depressed at all, probably because he is not to happy going to the vet.

I just don’t know what to do, he is getting worse and when he gets an attack he is in so much pain. Tonight he bit his foot real bad. I have tried everything I can think of and all his tests blood and x-rays are perfect.  I hope you can help me, any advise will be greatly appreciated. I love this little guy sooo much and he comes to me for help and I feel so helpless.

Wow! Has anyone else ever heard of a vet diagnosing depression? I’m not sure whether I’d even bother trying to educate them about Scottish Terrier cramp or just go to another vet.

Does anyone else have any ideas about what might be afflicting Vickie’s Scottie?

6 thoughts on “Could it be Scottish Terrier cramp?

  1. Without more details about the cramps in the poor Scotties back legs, or when it first showed up, it is difficult to say if it is CRAMP. I would suggest this reader go to the STCA (Scottish Terrier of America) website and look up Scottie Cramp. The more information she has the better equipped she will be at her NEW vets office; yes, new, because these two “qualified”animal doctors must have been asleep the day they taught neurological problems in vet school !!
    Please feel free to contact any of the listed breeders in the STCA site, they should be able to help with a new vet, one who has some experience with Scottish Terrier health issues.
    Just like with people doctors, sometimes you need a second, third and fourth opinion.

  2. I was just about to add in the link to Wobbly Scotties, but I see that you have an icon above linking to Scottie Cramp or CA? I’m positive that Vickie and her Scottie will, as mentioned, do a lot better at another Vets. And to be on the safe side, perhaps Vickie should take a print-out of the symptons of CA and Scottie Cramp. I do hope both Vickie and her Scottie get sorted quickly.

    1. I thought that Scottie Cramp & CA are not meant to be painful (?) which it sounds like this is. I hope they get some answers and reilef soon!

  3. I agree with tcmum. Scottie Cramp is as if their leg/hips gave out. Could it be a bad case of arthritis? But that would show in the tests, if we assume the vets read them properly. I would see another vet.

  4. I have had Scotties for over 35 years. Scottie cramp is similar to fainting goat syndrum….this is what I think.

    I have had 3 Scotties over 35 years that seemed to have this. I cured this with Vitamin E–I think it works best on young dogs. The earlier you start the better. I cannot tell you a dosage. I just gave one cap one time per day. Until the dog showed no signs….even after the signs were gone I continued with one cap every other day until I just gave it one time per week. Then I stoped and no sign returned.
    Good Luck……….

  5. My friend has 2 Scotties that have Cramp. It is not painful. Sometimes when they get excited they freeze for a few minutes. That is all Cramp is. It doesn’t hurt the dogs and they go about their business once they unfreeze. It is very interesting to see.
    I hope Vickie gets an accurate diagnosis for her little fellow, ’cause it’s not Scottie Cramp.

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