Happy 15th birthday, Phoebe the Scottie dog

Michelle writes:

My Scottish Terrier turned 15 years old today, June 1, 2011. We don’t know how much longer we will have her as her health is slowly declining, but she has been a great dog and I am so thankful for the 15 years that we have had with her.

I wanted to celebrate Phoebe’s 15th birthday, and thought that this would be a great way to do it.

Congratulations, Phoebe and family. If the people that do those milk mustache ads see this, Phoebe may end up as their first dog model and have a Betty white moment.

11 thoughts on “Happy 15th birthday, Phoebe the Scottie dog

  1. Happy B-Day Phoebe! You are a beautiful Scottie Gal. I so appreciate Scottie News and the joy it brings to all us Scottie lovers…..myra

  2. Happy Birthday Phoebe, wishing you the very best of days for you and your family.
    My Scottie is 10 and I am so happy to hear that Phoebe is 15 it gives me hope that I will have my girl for a good few years more.
    She has the grey beard already and flecks of grey throughout her coat especially on her back….but it is CHARACTER!!!!!!!

    HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!!

  3. happy happy birthday, beautiful phoebe! wishing you and your humans a lovely day filled with all of your favorite things! sending lots of snuggles your way! xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday Phoebe, sorry we’re late. Hope you were able to enjoy yourself. You look beautiful. Lots of Love from Gus, Bobby and Finlay, the Sparhawk Boys in Nottingham, UK. Arroooo to you. xxx

  5. Happy late Birthday Phoebe! My Kirk is twelve and I love her to bits, couldn’t imagin life without her, so I’m glad you are leading the way for older Scotties in the world 🙂


  6. What a beautiful Scottie. Have a blessed birthday! This is from my Scottie, Mackie, too.

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