Kiltie the Scottish Terrier brings cheer to nursing home

Scottish Terrier takes on therapy dog role reports:

“Kiltie is so friendly and brings many smiles to everyone’s faces. Even people who aren’t much of an animal lover, they just smile because she’s so darn cute.”

Kiltie eagerly leads his owner to each of the rooms on all three floors of the facility, originally built as an infirmary for the Sisters and open to the public since 1995.

The pair spend as much time as possible with each resident.

“A couple people here are unresponsive but improve when the dog is near them,” Pratt said.

“One person had a stroke and the only emotions she has is when she touches the dog. Another woman can’t speak so well but she’s able to focus and tell the dog that she’s beautiful.”

Pratt brings gifts to the residents on their birthdays, balloons and other surprises like fresh-picked flowers in the summer time and pumpkins at Halloween.

She also delivers amusing holiday cards featuring Kiltie to the residents and administration department.

The one at Easter this year featured a card that said “I hope the Bunny has kibble-flavored Easter eggs” with a photo of Kiltie nuzzling at standing bunny holding a basket of eggs.

Kiltie, officially registered under the name Rococo’s Kiltie II, is five years old.

The Scottish Terrier News says bravo to Mary and Kiltie for all their wonderful work.

3 thoughts on “Kiltie the Scottish Terrier brings cheer to nursing home

  1. i am the owner of a one year old scottie from an awesome friend/breeder in n.c.! he has been happily running free in the pastures; now he lives in coral gables in a townhouse area with a lake . . . but free running is not an option (cars).
    he is a handsome renegade with a powerful little presence. he need some lessons in manners and leash behavior; he is totally inside trained now . . . except for a bit of chewing issues that i have to keep an eye on.
    i have a fenced deck on the lake side and a baby pool. do scotties like water if on land. i would not possibly let him ‘swim’. in my opinion he is a sinker. i welcome any suggestions. walks well on a lease and thinks he is arnold swartzenegger (sp)!

  2. i have a young scottie, a gift from a breeder a little more than one. no formal training yet but very friendly and appealing. i think he could be a great little therapy dog but would need a serious course before taking this on. do you have any advice for me on how to start. name is marley and he does all but smile.
    thank you in advance for anything you can share.

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