RIP, Roscot Bilbo Baggins, beloved Scottish Terrier

This comes somewhat late, but I just discovered that Lallee of Lallee’s Cottage, who wrote the tips on the Scottie Newsvery popular DIY Scottish Terrier grooming page, lost her much loved dog, Baggins, last month.

Lallee’s tribute is better than anything the Scottish Terrier News could write, but let us just say that we’re proud Baggins was a reader and fan.

Baggins reads the Scottie News
Baggins, a Scottish Terrier who liked to keep up with the news

RIP, Baggins. Our sympathies to your loving family.

4 thoughts on “RIP, Roscot Bilbo Baggins, beloved Scottish Terrier

  1. Ann, thank you so much for your kind tribute. Our hearts are still healing over this large loss in our life. Baggin’s loss came so suddenly. We are enjoying new terrorist Buzz. He is a delight and full of fun. I will see that he becomes a faithful Scottie News reader too–just as soon as he learns his ABC’s šŸ˜‰

  2. There’s nothing harder than losing your best friend. I still get tears from losing my Doogal last September. The only thing that has helped is getting Harry and Lola.
    Jean – Harry and Lola’s new forever mom

  3. Ann, I am just now seeing this post about Laura’s beloved Baggins. When I heard the news, I literally gasped. He was so young and it was, like she said, such a shock. He will always be remembered in our hearts, forever.

    much love,

  4. It is so hard, they are part of the family, I just lost my Bonnie Lass to lymphoma cancer on the intestine, she was only 5! will get another Scottie or two one day. I live on the island of Bermuda and she was the only one here(lots of westies). There is something missing, – first thing in the morning, always at my feet (making me trip) and I have not walked since loosing her. Read on the net that cancer is due to inbreeding, so to have a Scottie longer I will have to search a breeder that has a large gene pool.

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