Scotties Harry and Lola make a TV appearance to promote their books

Rescue Scottish Terriers Harry and Lola look just as photogenic and comfortable on TV as they do in their books. And so does their author/mistress Jean, who rocks the Oregonian hat look.

Bravo, everyone. And check out those Harry and Lola books.

6 thoughts on “Scotties Harry and Lola make a TV appearance to promote their books

  1. What a great lady, very much devoted to her Scotties, but cats too. I didn’t know that stuff about Scotties not naturally bonding with children. Kirk likes kids just as much as the next stranger who strokes her, which means she basically doesn’t fuss anyone who isn’t family… she can be a picture of magnanimous at times!

  2. Great video, wonderful lady and dogs. I didn’t know that about Scotties not naturally bonding with children, although I was told some horror stories by older friends who experienced scotties as children. But Captain loves children too, more, I would say than adults as he knows they will play with him and make a big fuss of him. I think early socialisation makes the difference – Captain was bred in a family home with access to young children, and I exposed him to as many children as possible when he was growing up – He has an outgoing personality anyway – but I do think his early experiences really helped.

  3. Tartan as well loves children. I think it’s the sound of laughter and delight which he associates with playtime. He sits on his belly very patiently when a toddler pets him. I didn’t train him to sit all the way down…he just does it himself. When it’s an older kid, he doesn’t sit so somehow he picks up on needing to be careful. I too think it’s more of exposure and being trained to socialize at an early puppy age.

  4. My first childhood Scottie, Rascal, bit me in numerous places … however he was an intact male who’d been alpha for 5 years before I was born! I teased him, I got bit. Training for BOTH of us was lacking!

    In my opinion, her pre-interview statement about Scotties not doing well with kids should have been clipped from the video! It’s disparaging to honorable Scots everywhere. They are amazing family dogs, and most loyal to “their people”!

    My children’s first Scottie, MacKenzie, was their watchdog, play-pal, and protector. He was neutered and with us for a year before our first child was born and protected all three of our kids as if they were his. My favorite photo of him was one of his last trips to the beach, pacing the shoreline while our kids were swimming in the surf. His ever-watchful eyes guarding over them. He NEVER bit anyone ever and as a family with three children, he was exposed to a LOT of kids over his almost 13 years!

    We are about to bring home another Scottie and my children are now 12, 9, 7 and I fully expect we’ll have another fiercely loyal defender of our family in no time flat!

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