Scottish Terriers hit the road

Scottie and Westie travel Kansas by tractorThe Emporia Gazette reports on Anabel and John Konwiser, of Carefree, Ariz., who have found “a unique way to travel across Kansas — atop their 1947 Farmall tractors. The couple are traveling with their two dogs — Dalwhinnie, a West Highland Terrier, and Talisker, a Scottish Terrier. Both dogs are named after single malt Scotches. The dogs ride atop a luggage bin on one of the tractors.” Click through to read the whole article and see the photo in all its full-size glory.

Meanwhile Jett and Diesel, last seen on the Scottie News when they visited the Grand Canyon, continue their travels. There are many more fabulous pictures at their blog. Check it out.


Two Scottish Terriers at Yellowstone Park
Jett and Diesel's road trip continues. You go, guys.

7 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers hit the road

  1. True to their breed – westies and scotties like action – they are not dogs that like to sit at home on the sofa … they are good travelers and these stories prove it!
    All the best, Katie at westiejulep.blogspot

  2. So true. Scotties once socialized are very social creatures.

    “On the road again.”

  3. I have been following Jett and Diesel’s blog but cannot, for the life of me, post anything. I have posted to those Blogspots before but this is different. Any suggestions?

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