Sicko neighbour arrested for poisoning Scottish Terrier

The Daily Mail reports on a vicious crime against a Scottish Terrier and his companion dog:

A vindictive neighbour is thought to be behind the deliberate poisoning of two dogs in San Francisco.

The neighbour, who police are refusing to name, was arrested and released after two dogs DJ and Coco died a horrific death after eating poisoned meatballs that were placed in the owners back yard.

Police are awaiting the results of toxicology and forensics tests before they decide to charge the man with wilfully endangering an animal.

Here’s the CBS news video:

RIP, DJ and Coco.

10 thoughts on “Sicko neighbour arrested for poisoning Scottish Terrier

  1. It amazes me sometime how people can be so heartless. Yes, to some people, pets are just a useless thing walking around causing trouble (obviously that does not include any of the people who read this blog). However, you have to ask yourself, if this person is able to poison any creature, what is the possibility of taking it a step further and poisoning a person intentionally. It concerns me as well that he had meatballs poisoned. MEATBALLS!!! A dog will eat just about anything that smells delicious, even stuff that doesn’t smell good. Why in a right mind would you feel that you need to poison something that looks like human food? They need to get this person to jail and serious therapy if you ask me.

  2. Because the dogs bark —— please my Scottie especially barks that;’s her way of announcing “hey folks I’m here, I’m out look at me” ha…but I would seriously hope that none of my neighbors would think of such a horrid thing to do as one of the people interviewed said you just know know who would possibly eat the poisoned food.

  3. I’ll be surprised if the San Francisco Police do anything about this horrible crime. Given the recent increase in canicide by our newly trained and equipped para-military police departments, I have little faith in our police to do anything to protect our canine companions.

    If you have followed Anne’s blog for any length of time you will remember stories about my brave Scottie Angus. He fought cataracts and diabetes, beating both of them. In February of 2010 someone (I pretty much know who) got into my rear yard and wrote in the grass, using a poisonous chemical ” R U D E A F P U T O”. Pretty easy to figure out. The evening of the crime, before we discovered the dead grass, Angus entered the house vomiting violently. Five days later he was dead. Murdered.

    What did our local police do? They came out, looked at the evidence and said, see ya later. I wrote about the entire event in my book The McLeod Scotties.

    Angus was one tough Scottie but a couple of punks who hate dogs did him in. Sooner or later there will be payback.

  4. Horrific. Dogs are not safe in their own yards. If there is enough political pressure, something will be done.

  5. This is why I always take my babies out on a leash. Even to potty. They only play in the yard with my supervision because they really are like toddlers, they will put anything in their mouths. I hope they put that creep in jail, but unfortunately I don’t see it happening because dogs are considered property and not family. Let me tell you, my dogs ARE my family, and I must confess that I love them more than some of my relatives! RIP DJ & Coco

  6. I never feel the authorities do enough or make the punishment fir the crime. As Bronwyn said and I agree my dogs are family I call them people – better than friends and family most times loving faithful fun no questions asked, I just can’t understand the authorities with crimes like this it is MURDER in the first degree pure and simple intentionally taking a life…….

  7. I would LOVE to invite that neighbor over to my house for a very SPECIAL spaghetti dinner. wink wink

  8. When I was a little boy, a neighbor poisoned my puppy with a biscuit. He also shot at cats and other pets in the neighborhood.
    People who harm defenseless animals are only a step away from abusing and killing humans. It’s a very, very strong indicator of a sociopath.
    Years later, where I live in Virginia, the ASPCA will go after these cruel people and prosecute them.
    My heart goes out to the owner of the two scotties. May the two dogs rest in peace.
    I’d like to offer this website link as some sort of consolation…
    Robert Oliver

  9. I have to agree with Robert, anyone who would do such to a defenceless animal must be a sociopath, and should be put away until they can do no harm.

  10. Breaks my heart knowing people like this excist. Thinking they will get theirs in the end just does not seem like enough.

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