Confusing West Highland Terrier Wednesday

One Westie and three Scotties
Outnumbered! by islaygirl at Flickr

See this photo and others from the 2005 shoot at Flickr.

Scottie and Westie photo shoot

7 thoughts on “Confusing West Highland Terrier Wednesday

  1. Now that is a beautiful site! Nothing like Scotties and Westie together…..a perfect match.

  2. Nothing more perfect than one of each and it invites so many comments and interest when you take them walking people always want to stop you and ask who what why etc etc.

    Obviously I have one of each I am delighted to say!!!!

    Lovely pictures

  3. Aibo our westie is waiting for his new scottie sister that will come home next July. I guess we got to send you the pics!!
    Beautiful pictures. Got to share it.

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