Today is take your dog to work day

A former colleague of mine is opining over on his blog about who exactly should be allowed to take their dogs to work. He’s lucky enough to work from home with two very cute dogs, whose pictures are on display.

As for me, I can  only dream of a dog-friendly workplace.


3 thoughts on “Today is take your dog to work day

  1. I like scottish. When I go to walk to the metropolitan park in Guadalajara jalisco México, I see so many scottish. I like it. Now I have a miniature pinscher, its name is Chelsea. I read your blog because I like to see the pictures and I like read your stories. I think that its to great that you write a blog dedicate to a bread. Congratulations.

  2. I not only get to take my Scotties to work, they are my work now that I’m writing the Harry and Lola series of books about the pair we rescued. I’ve been doing a lot of book readings with kids. You can see what good dogs they are by going to You can see how they sat through a whole taping segment of Good Morning Central Oregon and how they sat watching the kids while I read one of thier stories to the kids a Black Butte Ranch.

  3. I teach in a big Catholic School in Merseyside. Kirk goes to the Summer fair, out of school holiday lessons and occasional car-boot. BUT, she totally goes mental with the pupils, she has both pooed and now wees when we get to the school reception … probably smells the place that takes me from her. So she’s more or less banned now, but no-one dares say it out-right 🙂

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