The Scottish Terrier photo hunt continues

Thanks to all you great readers, this just might become the summer of the Scottish Terrier look-alike.

First we ran our successful contest to find humans to compare to Malcolm and Gracie. The results were so good that Scottie News still can’t bring itself to declare a winner.

Instead, we issued you another challenge, asking you to find dogs who match Bogie, Bacall and Marilyn. Bronwyn suggested the trio below from McVan Scotties, but, as fabulous as they are, your judge-in-chief feels they need more action and attitude.

A trio of Scottish Terriers from McVan's


Karen and the GyverScots sent the photo below which is probably how we imagine thingsĀ  should be — Bogie going bonkers over Marilyn while Bacall turns away in anger. The challenge photo (above), however, tells a different story. It shows Marilyn cozying up to Bogie while Bacall takes it all in stride.

Please take advantage of the comments to suggest which dog should be which human and what could be done in Photoshop to correct the situation. Better yet, do the photoshop yourself and send us the results.

Three GyverScots
That little one in the middle is Marilyn if you stick her on the left and flip her

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