A new Scottish Terrier photo challenge

Scottie News readers were so fabulous at matching up Malcolm and Gracie with their human counterparts that we’ve decided to put you to another test. This time, we’re reverse engineering and asking you to find the terriers who match Bacall, Bogie and Marilyn. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “A new Scottish Terrier photo challenge

  1. I found a perfect picture, Ann! It’s on mcvanscotties.com under “In the Beginning” I don’t know how to get it to you though, maybe you can pull it. I swear that it’s PERFECT!!

  2. Thanks, Bronwyn. It’s a good shot, but I think we need a bit more action and attitude. I’m impressed at how cool Lauren Bacall is about this situation. She doesn’t seem threatened at all. And truth be told, Bogie doesn’t look like he’s about to stray even if he is appreciating the view.

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