Amy Winehouse’s Scottish Terrier connection

Reader Sharon wrote yesterday to point out a timely and important Scottish Terrier connection that the Scottie News had failed to pick up on. There appears to be a Scottish Terrier on the cover of Amy Winehouse’s first album, Frank.

Dog on Amy winehouse album, Frank
Is the dog on the over of Amy Winehouse's album, Frank, a Scottish Terrier?

Apparently Amy Winehouse was a huge fan of Frank Sinatra and named her dog after him. There seems to be debate, however, over whether the album name, Frank, references the singer, the dog, both, or the act of being frank as in honest.

Unfortunately, the Scottish Terrier News has been unable to turn up any more information on the cover dog. We can’t confirm either who he is or what became of him. What we can confirm is that Amy Winehouse had a history of troubled relationships with pets.


10 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse’s Scottish Terrier connection

  1. I DO think it’s a Scottie – he’s going North while she’s trying to head South (and look good for the camera). Sure looks like MY Scottie!

    1. Excellent point, David. Definitely goes in the “, yes, it’s a Scottish Terrier” column.

  2. I know she had a Canary named Ava. She wrote “October Song” about Ava after the poor birdie died. Don’t know if she had a Scottie though. The “Frank” album is named for Frank Sinatra though.

    1. Old post… but I think the album could be referenced to both. Seems more fitting because in “Take the Box” she sings, ‘Frank’s in there, and I don’t care.’ Could be that Blake gave the dog to her and when she returned everything that he gave her, the dog was included. Unless he’d bought a Frank Sinatra album and she returned that. But I find it pecuilar for her to take a picture with the dog if it wasn’t symbollic.

  3. I should have mentioned this in the post itself but one thing that bothers me about this dog’s potential claim to being a Scottie is its legs. They look a little too long to be a Scottish Terrier. In fact, they remind me of a Schnottie (Schnauzer crossed with a Scottie) I used to see.

    1. I thought the legs looked too long as well, although the fact that the dog looks like it is trying to put as much distance as possible between itself and Ms. Crackhouse shows the natural good taste of the Scottish Terrier…

  4. i named my schnauzer Frank after this album (2 years ago). When he came to me, he was just like the dog in the pic (:

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