Bridget hates to backtrack on walks

My Scottish Terrier Bridget is not the greatest walker, as I have mentioned before. However, she is not the worst walker either, as this poll shows. One thing we have learned over the years, is that she absolutely hates to retrace her steps and should be taken on loop walks whenever policy.

Please tell us about your dogs’ walk-time quirks.

6 thoughts on “Bridget hates to backtrack on walks

  1. Missy Paulette, one of my Westies, refuses to backtrack. I bring a wheeled doggy cart and cart her home or, if I dont have the cart, I have been known to carry her. She weighs 17 pounds!

  2. Our scottie Ruby has the same “walking” quirk. She loves going for walks as long as she is walking “away”, but doesn’t like the return trips. When we turn around for our return trip she sits and refuses to move. The loop walks are much better.

  3. Definitely loop walk for Tartan. He will not retrace what he has already sniffed and marked. Although, he has caught on that turning a particular corner means going back home. So he’ll pull forward full speed ahead to cross the street instead of making that turn.

  4. I think it must be in their nature to hate “backtracking”, Mac certainly hates it. His predecessor, Duncan, not only hated to backtrack, he also refused to reenter the house from a different door than the one he had left through.

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