Brushing a Scottish Terrier in summer

Scottish Terrier after groomingAfter by __Juha__ on Flickr

Bridget got brushed today and there was lots and lots of fur. Not as much as for the adorable anonymous Scottie above, but still a lot. And there’s been plenty of dust-busting going on too.

Are your dogs shedding in a spectacular fashion this summer?

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  1. Yes more than usual I think because of the heat we have had. I have also found Nessie to have more HOT SPOTS and ITCHIES in general than she normally has.
    What kind of brush do you use on Bridget? I have a bristle brush which does nothing much especially tangles and I have a pin slicker thing that I think is too harsh…looking for good recommends…

    1. I will look up the brush and do a post on different brushes shortly. Thanks for another great idea.

  2. A whole lotta brushing going on there Bridget. I bet she feels better now.

    Sheena, I have tried the pin slicker. My Scottie hates it. I feel like I am tugging and pull on her fur.

    Summer must be rough on Scotties. Mine also gets those nasty “itchies” until the temps drop. We live in PA. Had to move out of Florida…..Too many itchies year round down south. Urgh.

  3. Yes indeed. I get “Furminated” every weekend. Sometimes more than that. (Wonder why those Furminators cost so much?) De-shedding makes me feel great. And, I sure hope the birds and things enjoy making nests out of my sheddings. (We do it outside.)

    Arrooooodles, Stuart

  4. The FURminator tool is very effective and even more so when the shampoo/conditioner product is used with the tool. Be careful to not overuse this took as it can cause dryness of the skin which only increases shedding.

  5. Do you have to use their shampoo and conditioner….it’s like one of those “things” where they get you with the equipment (whatever) and then you need to buy all the accessories for it to live up to the hype.
    I didn’t see any pills (Ann/Stuart) when I googled the FURminator.
    Anything that will take away all the loose hair so she doesn’t itch so much I brush her every other day or so and she has this one patch on her back just behind the neck that’s a greasy spot. Comes back within a week of having been bathed..
    Vet gave me this shampoo to use Benzoyl Peroxide 3% Sulfur 2% Salicylic Acid 2% . This was earlier this year when her back was broken out like she was getting bitten by something. That has cleared and now it’s just itchies.

    1. They were likely some kind of dis-solvable bath tablet, not oral pills. I’ll try and research it.

  6. I can never remember about the soft undercoat if it is supposed to be stripped away or not…because most of use don’;t or can’t find someone who does stripping is ok to use the FURminator to cut (or whatever it does) it away with this tool???
    The hair must grow back ok or I am thinking Stuart wouldn’t use it as much as he does….I am really intrigued by the piece of equipment now and what all you have to purchase like you say tablets I found shampoo at the site I was looking.
    My worst shedder is the westie maybe if Nessie the scottie shedded more it wouldn’t block the follicles and give her the itchies and I brush her lots just obviously not the right brush..
    I am watching these exchanges with bated breath lol

  7. I became familiar with the FURminator @ a trade show in Hershey for Groomers. The FURminator is used to remove the undercoat and the shampoo/conditioner has omega fatty 3 and fruit oils that clean out the hair folicle and help to have a healthy, shiny coat. However, the developer of this product highly recommended the FURminator tool on terriers with hard coats. She explained that it works in place of stripping coat and will help maintain the hard coat. Of course, I still believe stripping is better for the hard coats, but this does work.

  8. That’s good to know Myra I have never been able to find a groomer who does stripping and not confident myself that I would do it correctly. Anyway sounds like investing in one of these FURminators might just be the trick….do you still use it and the shampoo/conditioner..the vet gave me a shampoo to use a couple times a week until her irritated skin had calmed down then was to use regular shampoo…..I don’t think she is as bad as some of the dogs commented on here but she just always has an itch somewhere and the other thing she does ALL the time is lick at her front paws never has a problem with clumps of hair coming out or bare legs or anything like that. Other than bathing her every day or 3/4 times a week I haven’t come up with anything else – hate meds unless she gives herself a yeast infection from licking so much or when her back was the worst I’ve ever seen in her 10 years then we did have to give her something and thats when we got the shampoo to use in concert with the meds.
    I just brushed her again this morning and I really don’t get much hair from her so I am wondering if my “tool” I am using just isn’t picking it up.
    With this FURminator you cannot cut them or injure them in any way …is there a blade???? I am just so hesitant.
    Anyway I am gratefull for all comments and suggestions and will keep checking back.
    ‘Thanks Myra!

  9. Sheena, I would continue using what the Vet gave you for a shampoo until the summer irritations go away. I use Head and Shoulders on my dog or a medicated shampoo on her feet when she is chewing them during the summer months. However, the FURminator shampoo/conditioner allows the natural oils back into your pets coat which reduces the shedding. I would not recommend using the FURminator on a weekly basis. Use it once a month and you will see a shiny, healthy coat. When you get the tool, it will explain everything and there is a number you can call and usually speak with the developer of this tool. She has a grooming shop I believe in Missouri. She is extremely informative about her product. You would not believe the difference FURminator makes in short hair dogs, i.e. Labs, Beagles, etc. Good luck.

  10. Thanks again Myra a lot if help. I will also tell you I gave a spray that I use it’s called earths balance pet dolution RX on her back and feet it helps some.
    I think maybe time to invest on the gadget and shampoo/conditioner. For the best overall effect.
    Appreciate your advise.

  11. We had Blue Tits nesting in our garden yet again this year. Mum asked me to remove the nest now they have left. Looked inside and it was totally made up of Kirk’s hair with only a bit of moss… basically all black scotty hairs! I have been brushing her outside this year as she sheds a lot more now she’s older and the birds must have literally picked up on that!


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