Do you have a dog product you can’t live without?

European dog leash
It's the hooks on both ends that make this the great dog leash that it is

Please tell the Scottish Terrier News which dog products you love so we can let other readers know about them. For example, I would hate to live without the 6 Way European Leather Dog Leash because it’s perfect for hooking your dog up outside Starbucks while you dash in for a morning coffee. It also allows you to keep your dog on a short leash or a long one, and — though I’ve never tried it — to walk two dogs on one leash.

Thanks in advance.

4 thoughts on “Do you have a dog product you can’t live without?

  1. Hooking my Scotties up outside a Starbucks (or anyplace else for that matter)? Not a chance.

    Indispensable – Doggie seat belts.

  2. I just got the “Thundershirt” and it really does work ! The only problem I have is, that Kayleigh my Scottie weighs 24 lbs, so it is a little small for her, but a medium would be too big…
    I did have to give her some treats to get her used to it…and she still is a little shy, when I go to put it on, but within a matter of minutes she is resting or sleeping, I never thought I would see her resting during a thunderstorm.. I read it works for car rides too…Pat

  3. My #1 must-have item for Maggie is the RC Pets mesh vest/harness which allows a seat belt to slip through an opening in the fabric of the tether about one/third of the way down her back. This secures Maggie to the seat and allows her to either sit up or lie down during car rides. As with humans, in the event of an impact, the seatbelt tightens and keeps the dog in position.

    Please NEVER allow a dog to sit in the front passenger seat as airbags, which deploy in .04 seconds, can seriously injure or kill your beloved pet.

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