Furminator reviewed by GMA vet

The Scottie News‘ discussions on shedding and brushing earlier this week led to a few rave reviews for the FURminator in the comments. I’ve never personally used one but it is Amazon’s number one bestseller in pet supplies and users seem to love it. Here it is reviewed on Good Morning America.

3 thoughts on “Furminator reviewed by GMA vet

  1. Some interesting options shown there.
    What do you use on bridget??
    Nessie barks at the vacuum it’s like playtime when that and the floor mop comes out full attack and grab mode LOL. Well come on now it moves and makes noise the mop Mum just moves it too quickly so it’s game on…..

  2. We love the furminator! Why they’re so expensive is beyond me, but the thing works like a charm. Love it!

    I don’t know that I agree with the good doctor about keeping a long-haired dog clipped short, though (if I understood him correctly). I’m a heavy-coated Scottie with bee-yoo-ti-ful “hair,” but I’d never get clipped short. I get stripped and my head/ears get clippered to the standard. Nothing more, nothing less.

    ArrOOOoooooo, Stuart

  3. Shhh Stuart. I have been browsing and was getting ready to place an order when it asked up to 20lbs or more for which MODEL I should purchase. Also hair shorter than 2″ or longer than… What’s to do. I don’t have a groomed in my area that strips I wish I could do it or find someone but alas — I have my westie who is THIck coated and weighs12 lbs then my Scottie who is actually quite fine coated and weighs about 22 lbs. I do get them both summertime cuts.
    So here’s the thing what size do I buy. Plus do you use the fulminators shampoo And conditioner.

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