Help for itchy terriers

It seems that it’s a bad allergy season for dogs this year, so the Scottish Terrier News would like to remind you of this allergy post in which we drew together all our readers valuable suggestions for  helping itchy terriers.

4 thoughts on “Help for itchy terriers

  1. To all those reading this website; Please talk to a natural, non-drug vet and learn that taking care of your dog’s liver will go a long way in helping to get rid of allergies. Our dog’s (and people) today are exposed to many chemicals that hurt the liver. The very best thing to help the liver (for people, too) is SAMe. You can buy it on line or at any Costco. Do some reading about it and you’ll see I’m right. German medical doctors know how powerful it is for helping the liver get stonger, thus eliminating the need for drugs to help allergies.

  2. My Scottie Maxine is 7 she has never had any skin issue due to any allergies. But now I decided to put her on a raw diet she has now has real issues with skin sores and scratching. Any idea what would help with this a started her on low protein dog food wellness that has 21 % it’s been about 4 days that she been on this food and is it a good product. Thank you I hope I can get some answers it just breaks my heart to see her scratch feel it’s my flaut.sad

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