How many Scottish Terriers went swimming yesterday?

This isn’t Bridget, but she also went for a dip in a pool yesterday. We’re not sure if it was intentional or not. Let’s just say a ball was involved. And my daughter, the certified lifeguard, got her out. That’s why the Scottish Terrier News recommends dog life jackets for swimming Scottie wannabes.

5 thoughts on “How many Scottish Terriers went swimming yesterday?

  1. Because it’s so hot, mine were swimming sporadically throughout the day. My Scotties get on rafts as well, but they are much more cautious than this brave guy. They pussyfoot their way on, and will jump if it is maybe 6 inches away, not 6 feet. I’m showing my family these videos, they will get a kick out of that huge jump!

  2. I have had three scotties. Each one could swim well. The last two have been able to swim the length of Coney Island Pool in Cincinnati, OH. a major accomplishment.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. Captain had a paddle in the sea yesterday, but is not very sure about the waves. he will swim in the local river if I lure him by throwing sticks. It is not very deep though, and I am pleased he wont swim in the sea as I would be worried about him getting swept out.

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