In Portland, pitbull attacks Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier News continues to be astounded at how much negligent dog owners get away with.

7 thoughts on “In Portland, pitbull attacks Scottish Terrier

  1. And instead of blaming the (ir)responsible human they will blame the breed and use this for ammunition toward banning pitbulls. The attacking dog could be quarantined or even euthanized, and the worst the owner will get is a citation. I say it’s time to start spaying and neutering irresponsible bipeds. Sure hope the Scottie recovers.

  2. Harry and Lola are out in the public so much because of our book promotion that a story like this makes me really concerned. I agree we need to do something about the owners, but I’ve also come to the conclusion that pitbulls are not a good breed for the average person.

  3. I’m all for acquiring a Special Licence if you wish own a dangerous breed of dog. I don’t think every dog should be collectively judged, but some do have fighting bread into them and therefore have potential to ‘turn’. These high risk breeds need to be kept in check.

    In the UK Pit-bulls are banned, but they still get through the system as mixed breeds.

    Personally I think dogs like Staffs are dangerous too, OK with a proper caring owner they are harmless … but we know that unfortunately a good percentage of these fighting terriers are owned by young men as bling or to guard property. Therefore, if you choose to own such a dog, you should also have the licence, insurance, regular vets bills and safe environment that goes with it… if not it will be confiscated, end of story.

    Kirk has the insurance, vet’s bills, safe environment and she’s not even dangerous… except if you’re a dog treat 


  4. This exact same situation happened to me and my Scottie 5 years ago.

    Both of us are ok now….. She is fully recovered.

    I pray this Scotty is doing ok.

    Regardless of the Pitbull Breed.

    Stupid Owners! ……(Referencing the Pitbull owner)
    Always keep your dogs on a leash or in a fenced in yard.

    Despite the Scottish Terrier strong attitude….. these small dogs don’t stand a fighting chance against these large powerful dogs.

  5. My Scottie, Bonny Rose, was attacked this past Friday night by a dog that had pit bull in it. Thankfully she is ok, she suffered minor injuries compared to this poor dog, but sheesh, I never want to see a loose dog lunging and biting at mine ever again, no matter what the breed. Leash laws are in place for a reason!

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