It’s not just you. Scottie News is slow today

The staff at our world headquarters is working at getting it fixed. Stay tuned.

Update: I see from the comments that this post was ambiguous and got interpreted completely differently than I expected. I was actually referring to slow load times for the site yesterday and today. Please let me know if you are still experiencing problems. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “It’s not just you. Scottie News is slow today

  1. It’s the weather? – my black Scottie is napping flat on his back, all four paws in the air (chuckle – unfortunately it’s a black couch, so I’d never be able to get a photo) while my brindle Scottie is snoozing next to me, nuzzled right in (I can’t move without waking him … which I think was his nefarious intent … ha!) We’ll go out this evening when it’s cooler – the pavement is sizzling right now, and I still haven’t found flip-flops that’ll stay on their wee paws …

    1. Sounds like a picture of contentment, even though knocked out by the weather. The cool of evening is lovely is it not after the heat of the sun, and a pool for the feet/paws a lovely extra when poss. The little sparrows, which use my almost ‘desert’ garden as a bathing place (dust bath in the dry weather), in little dips they have created, seem to think so. They also lend an entertaining
      viewing for my Welsh Border Collie of nearly two years, especially when they squabble for the best dip. Very cute and hilarious to watch at times. My dog seems transfixed with fascination watching them at times. Then when bored she sends them on their way, and reclaims the garden.

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