Looking for a rescue Scottish Terrier?

Scottish Terrier Rescue, St. Louis, MO
Saint Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue appears to have several rescue dogs available in Missouri.

Or you can just read their happy tails.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a rescue Scottish Terrier?

  1. I highly recommend rescuing! Giving a dog in need a loving home is an amazing gift. Looking at these guys kind of makes me want to adopt a sibling for my little rescued Scottie, Abby. :)

  2. (I seem to have gotten behind in my STN!) I have only had Scottie Rescues and how wonderful they have each been. My current was less than 2 when I got him and he has turned into a magnificent dog with such character. He is a delight and a joy. Everyone should consider adopting as the first choice for your next dog! I will and that’s a certainty.


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