Pacemaker keeps Scottish Terrier’s heart ticking

The News Star in Monroe, Louisiana reports on a Scottie, who was saved by vets at the state college:

After getting a pacemaker two years ago, Beamer, a 16-year-old Scottish terrier, can be seen running playfully around the yard and barking zestfully at passersby.

“He’s a puppy again,” (Larry) Foreman said. “He doesn’t know he’s old.”

Because of Beamer’s success with the pacemaker, he has become part of a unique research study by the same veterinarians at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine who implanted his pacemaker in August 2009.

Dr. Romain Pariaut, assistant professor of veterinary cardiology at LSU, is the principal investigator in the study, which involves analyzing how to properly adjust pacemakers so they are more equipped for canines.

“There are no companies at this time that make pacemakers specifically designed for dogs,” Pariaut said. “So what we are doing is figuring out the best way to program the human pacemakers so they will work better in dogs.”

The pacemakers are usually donated unused by manufacturers and can cost a dog owner anywhere between $2,000 and $2,500 to have implanted into their pet, Pariaut said.

But because the device is programmed for a human’s heart, there are some modifications that need to be made.

5 thoughts on “Pacemaker keeps Scottish Terrier’s heart ticking

  1. Thank God for science. I pray Beamer continues to enjoy his vigor at the young age of 16. Thank you to the vet and the pet owners for investing the time and money for this pacemaker.

  2. We’ve met this Scotties owner Larry, had lunch with him while in Monroe. Didn’t get to meet Breamer but this is a great piece.


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