Pet strollers: okay or not? Debate

Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller
Pretty in pink
Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller
This guy rolls in blue

The Scottish Terrier News received an email from Amazon last week promoting a deal on pet strollers including this Pet Gear PG8100ST Happy Trails Pet model. While Scottie News is not against the use of pet strollers for ailing or elderly pets, I must confess that the concept does sometimes leave me a little uncomfortable. For example, there are two healthy middle-aged Westies who I regularly encounter being wheeled through a fancy Yorkville food store. Part of me thinks it’s a great way to circumvent the no-dogs-in-grocery-stores rule, but another part is appalled that these dogs are cruising the aisles disguised as babies while other pets must wait tied up outside.

Check out what users have to say about the Pet Gear PG8100ST Happy Tails stroller for dogs and cats and add your own opinions in the comments. Scottie News would love to hear about any Scottish Terriers who roll in style.

13 thoughts on “Pet strollers: okay or not? Debate

  1. No, they aren’t ok! I know I think of my 3 as my babies, but I would never go so far as to put them in a stroller!

  2. No. Dogs don’t belong in strollers, purses, tote bags, or anything that looks like it has–or ever would be–carried by Paris Hilton. Even, or perhaps especially, an elderly dog should not have to be stuffed into a pram and bumped along like some sort of faux infant. Babies are helpless, and blissfully ignorant of dignity, but dogs? No. Just… no.

  3. More often than not, no. However, when I was at the farmer’s market a few weeks ago, there was a lady that was terrified of Dougan. And I mean terrified. I ended up picking up my dog because that seemed to allay her fears, and Dougan loved being carried. No one tripped over him and everyone (except that one lady) told him how handsome he is. We took him to the market as a new example of crowds of people and noise, but because of the narrow spaces, I think I would consider taking him back in a basket.

  4. For the majority of cases, I do not feel that a dog should be in a stroller. With that being said though, sometimes it is nice to have a some place that the dog can get up and rest. We have 2 very healthy and happy Scotties, but when we go for our longer walks, about half way through our dogs all but quit. Sometimes it is so bad that we end up having to pick one of them up so that we can keep going. It also just gets worse the further in summer we get. But instead of getting a stroller, we just take a break from walking for a while, because lets face it, who really needs to go for a walk when it is still 110F outside even after dinner.

  5. I don’t agree with strollers for pets. They walk with me so we can both get out in the fresh air and get excersize! We haven’t been out much this summer with the 100+++ temps in Oklahoma but my sScotties like to walk and smell or should I say smell, mark and walk!!

  6. … but aren’t strollers for shopping??? I assumed that they are not a replacement for walking, but only a means of allowing an owner to take their dog into shops hygienically? They are associated with the Paris Hilton set because that persona is a shop an dropper. Therefore an argument can be made that at least these owners are not abandoning their pets in cars or at home, but engaging with them during leisure time. O.K… I think they are daft too and proper exercise, combined with the healthy social sniffing of every lamp-post is a top priority with any dog.

  7. Tartan wouldn’t sit in one. It would be a hurdle in catching those pesky squirrels on our walks.

  8. I used to think this was odd until my Grrrl was injured and in need of surgery. In process to help her get back to fighting weight she still needed to get exercise, but could only do so much before her leg would give. I have a back injury and would carry her back to the car no matter how far it was…NOT a well thought out plan. It would have been helpful to have had ANYTHING to wheel her in along with her iced-water. Basically a portable shade by my side but i could keep her moving without further agitating her injury. Also there is that creepy side to me that thinks of Rosemary’s baby. I would love to give a nosy passerby a good scare. hehe

  9. I have an OAP westie who would struggle to get about if it was’nt for her stroller. She gets out of the stroller for a little walk and toilets but then it’s back in and she is as happy as can be. YES for strollers for the aged doggy.

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