Scottie News: Harry Potter edition

Sweet William The Scot front on with glasses
Expecto Patronum, muggles!!!
Yeah, you're cute too, Daniel

Many thanks to Sweet William the Scot and his peep, Lee, for sending in this photo. I’m kind of “meh” about this whole Harry Potter thing. Yes, I read the first four books to my daughter when she was little, but as soon as she was old enough to read, I told her, “You’re on your own, kid.” I can’t even remember how many of the movies I’ve seen, which is a gauge of just how disinterested I am.

Since most of my daughter’s friends are out of town for the summer, however, I told her I’d go see the new movie with her. But because I get dizzy at IMAX films and am prone to seasickness, I can’t do the 3D version, which basically makes me useless to her.

Anyway, there you go, that’s my Harry Potter story. The worst of it is that when I counted up all the pages I’d read, I realized I could have read War and Peace instead.

11 thoughts on “Scottie News: Harry Potter edition

  1. I’m not a big Harry Potter fan either (and I teach English, including Children’s Literature…). However, my oldest daughter has read all of the books (I stopped at the 3rd or 4th, too… couldn’t see the sense in forcing myself to read something that quite frankly bored me to tears). Maybe one of your daughter’s friends will offer to take her to the IMAX . Pesronally, I watched all of the Pooh movies this weekend, to gear up to go see the new Pooh movie. And don’t tell me that Eeyore doesn’t bring a certain “je ne sais quoi” to Scottie people…

  2. I should have mentioned that Sweet William The Scot has been involved in a summer reading program for kids five years to nine years and of course it is Harry Potter ~ that is why he is wearing Harry’s glasses. Surprisingly we have had a lot of seniors join us. Thanks Scottish Terrier News for featuring us today!
    Sweet William the Scot & Lee

  3. Perfect picture he looks sooooo cute…..with the glasses, he is obviously used to props etc with the reading classes.
    I am not much on Harry Potter either BUT absolutely LOVE Winne the Pooh. I had a rottweiler whose nick name was pooh bear she was so cuddly and not plump but solid around hahaha…and when my daughter was born (oh so long ago) pooh was “the” thing in her room. My scottie when she gets her goofy ears to the “side look” we call her Eeyore with the sad eyes etc must be another scottie mannerism.
    I think it is great that he is part of a kids reading group…how involved does he get with the kids??? Bet they love that he is there.

  4. Sweet William The Scot looks extra intelligent with those wee spectacles! A Bonnie Boy Indeed!

  5. I am a Harry Potter fan! The new Potter movie out sold The Dark Knight for opening weekend. Sweet William the Scot really captures the gaze of Harry. I bet he is a Patronus and will ward off of the dementors! Super Great Picture!!!

    ” Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”

    If you think about it there’s alot of good quotes in the books.
    Sure would be cute to see more pictures of this dog.


  6. OH! I go away from the computer for a while and come back to find my friend Sweet William the Scot and Lee are stars! What a great photo!

    Arrooodles, Stuart

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