Scottish Terrier crashes Westie Wednesday

Where is the little dog that harried?

Scottish Terrier Malcolm with West HIghland Terrier Gracie
When did she get to be a beauty? When did he grow to be so tall (for a Scottie)? They look so natural together.

Malcolm’s owner Kevin last wrote when he was a little boy at play with a big biting problem. But one season followed another and now he’s all grown up.

I wanted to share this photo with you of our Scottie, Malcolm with his BFF Gracie. We’ve been keeping Gracie, a Westie, for a friend of ours the past couple of weeks, and these two have become pretty good buddies. When Gracie had to go home, Malcolm was a pretty lonely guy.

BTW, Malcolm is the same little guy from the “What do I do about a foot/toe/ankle-biting Scottish Terrier?” article. He’s recently turned one-year-old and has become a real sweetie. Still has a lot of puppy in him, and still likes to go for your feet, occasionally, but he’s pretty special. I think we’ll keep him. 😉

Scottie News just loves this photo of Malcolm and Gracie and would like to find its human match just as we did with Charlie’s Angels and Ben Johnson.

Charlie's Angels: Scottish Terrier version
Casting the Scottish Terrier version of Charlie's Angels
Scottish Terrier compared to Ben Johnson
Born to run short distances

Matchmakers, matchmakers, make us a photo match for Malcolm and Gracie.

Preliminary match suggestions are in. Let Scottie News know what you think of them.

12 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier crashes Westie Wednesday

  1. Those photos are classic! I always find it amusing to see dogs who look like their owners. The charlies angels shots are pure gold! How have your dogs been behaving?

  2. Marvelous Malcolm! That is one great looking Scottie with mischief in his eyes. Gracie has that sweet little Westie face. Great together…..

  3. You really need to get Malcolm a permanent companion. I have a male brindle scottie and was fortunate to get a female wheaten scottie six months younger (they are actually half siblings). They were sparring at least once a day for a few months (it was quickly over) and now seldom happens (I posted this issue here at Scottie News). They are totally best buddies now. They have some time apart when Chloe chooses to nap versus being outside. Echo is so active and loves the back yard. I tried to take Echo for an errand in the car without Chloe and they just went crazy looking for each other. If you could find a wheaten female, that would be nice for Malcolm. Even a female Westie wouldn’t be bad! I’m guessing Gracie isn’t available for transfer! Great picture.

  4. Love the picture I think the black and white of the two breeds says it all my two are the best of buds and have lived very companionably for almost 10 years now. Occasionally when Nessie is being a grump she will let Ailsa (Westie) know but that being said Nessie looks for Ailsa and wants to know where she is more than Ailsa looks for Nessie funny thing…but oh well.
    They are best friends and go and do everything together – with ME of course haha

  5. Great picture! I love the look on Malcom’s face. I’m thinking that somewhere there has to be a picture of Bogie and Bacall to match up with that.

    1. Excellent lead. I checked it out and your hunch was right. Will post some Bogie and Bacall photos later this week.

  6. Found a nice Will Smith with co-star photo for you that would match Malcolm and his BFF… but sadly I can’t figure how to post it in here 🙁


  7. Reminds me so much of my Scottie and Westie, Clyde and Bonnie. They were together from the day we brought them home and hardly ever “wrestled” (Bonnie was the boss, even though she was the tiniest Weste – Clyde was probably the wee’un of his litter and thus was not a tough guy). What a pair … this photo speaks volumes!

  8. Hi,
    I am making directions on how to use the scanner at our library. Can I use this photo as an example. It’s just a print document that will stay in the library and won’t be distributed.

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