Special Sunday Dr. Watson double bill

In the first video (above), Scottish Terrier, Dr. Watson, has a great play with his poodle pal, Peanut. Below, he has a less satisfying encounter with a lawn mower.

Speaking of Dr. Watson, I would like to highly recommend the new BBC Sherlock seriesBritish Mystery Theater Movies & TV) starring Martin Freeman as Holmes’ sidekick. Here he is talking about his fantastic new role. Five stars:

5 thoughts on “Special Sunday Dr. Watson double bill

  1. Thanks for posting the picture of Dr. Watson as the Easter Scottie, but I have to report that the Easter Dr Watson is not the same Dr. Watson pictured in your previous blog. The Dr. Watson with bunny ears is from Cambridge, MA. I know we scotties all look very much alike, but I need to make the distinction that we are not all the same.
    Happy Easter to all of you scotties and scottie lovers.
    PS. this Dr. Watson would love to meet the easter bunny in person, but I have to say the bunny would not be happy with the outcome.
    Very best,
    Deb and Dr. Wataon

    1. Where is Sherlock Holmes when the Scottie news needs him?

      So sorry for mixing up the Dr. Watsons. They both rock.

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