Terrier skin allergies and problems

Because it’s that time of the year, the Scottie News would like to remind you about this article in which we brought together all the many allergy tips readers have contributed over the years to help terriers with allergies. It covers foods, shampoos, drugs and new treatments.

4 thoughts on “Terrier skin allergies and problems

  1. Allergy problems are a real issue. When we adopted Lola, six months ago, she came with some skin problems. The first thing we did was put her on 200 mg os SAMe. It took only a week for the allergies to clear up. I’ve (mommy, Jean) been dealing with liver failier for 10 years (due to having had a very bad case of momo in my early 20s) and learned that the first thing one needs to look at when they see allergy problems, especially skin issues, is the liver. SAMe is one of the best things you can find for good liver support. It was our vet putting one of of our other Scotties on SAMe that helped me start using it myself. It’s been the best treatment I’ve had for my own problem.

  2. There is a lot of research on SAMe in Germany. I’m taking 800 mg a day now and I feel the best I’ve felt in 10 years. And I’ve tried everything to get this liver of mine under control. The only other thing that helps, besides being very careful with my diet, is a monthly olive oil live flush. It turns out that many people are dealing with many of the symptoms that I have and it’s very hard to find a doctor who understands that the cause of the symptoms is live problems. The standard live blood tests don’t always pick up all the problems. I had to become very sick before the blood test showed my failing liver. Once that happend, I began a search into how to heal a liver and learned a lot.

    But it was Lola’s quick reaction to SAMe that made me increase my dosage from 200mg to 800mg and it’s been amazing how I’ve improved! I’d like to tell the world about this because so many people are suffering and not getting the help they need. The dogs are suffering, too, and many vets don’t know about SAMe either.

  3. My Scottie has a repeated skin problem which starts with little pimples – he scratches and it becomes inflamed and septic. Visits to the vets provide cortisone and antibiotics the latter he was on for six weeks.
    I have had quite a bit of success with Golden Paste (Turmeric recipe) see Turmeric users Group on Facebook, but this latest bout just wont clear up although I havn’t yet had him at the vet as the paste keeps the inflammation at bay but the scratching is bad.
    What is SAMe and is it suitable in this case?

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