Walkers to make shortbread Scottie dogs

This is good news:

Walkers, the Scottish Highlands’ bakery of the world’s most popular shortbread, is honoring the Scottish Terrier with a new specialty pack of Walkers Shortbread Scottie Dog shaped shortbread cookies. These fun, delicious cookies will be introduced at the 57th Summer Fancy Food Show on July 10-12 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC (booth #4900).

Walkers’ Scottie Dog cookies are bound to win the hearts of Scottie dog owners everywhere with their adorable shapes and their award-winning, buttery rich taste. The distinctive Scottie dog is instantly recognizable, with a small, muscular body, erect ears, shaggy coat and long beard and eyebrows.

Scotties are known to be brave, loyal, feisty and playful. They have been faithful companions to three U.S. Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and George W. Bush. Queen Victoria and Jacqueline Onassis are just two of the famous women who have had them as pets.

Somehow, Walkers seems to have forgotten to send complimentary samples to the Scottish Terrier News world headquarters.

Update: Many thanks to Sheena, who found out more about this product and kept everyone updated in the comments. Because of  her hard work, we  have not only this picture of Transformer Scottie, but even more info from Walkers on how to buy their new shortbread line.

Walkers Scottish Terrier tin and Scottie dog cookies

The following stores will carry the Scottie Dog Shortbread:

  • Walkersus.com – it is already available there. Feel free to share with your readers the coupon code “LUVSCOTTIES” for them to use online to get 20% off their order. It expires 8/31/11 and is not applicable on sale items.
  • Marmaxx – will be in stores by the end of July
  • Home Goods – will be in stores by the end of July
  • Vermont Country Store – carrying the Scottie Dogs as a holiday item. They will have it for sale in Nov/Dec.
  • Cost Plus World Market – will be in stores in September. For the holiday season (Nov and Dec), they are also carrying our Scottie Dog Tin (above) exclusively
  • Amazon – should have it available by the beginning of August

28 thoughts on “Walkers to make shortbread Scottie dogs

  1. Oh Good Grief! Washington DC is just up the road from me. Sort of. I could tawdle on up there and pick up a few cases and share them with everybody. We LOVE Walkers shortbread! Thank you Scottish Terrier News for telling Us this. We never would have known otherwise.

    Very, very clever to make a Scottie shortbread. Remember everybody, if you don’t see this product in a store near you, be sure to ask the management to get some for you. That’s how these things work. I’m just saying….

    ArrrOOOOOO! Stuart

  2. That was my question where would the “rest” of us be able to purchase the shortbread. We love Walkers it’s the best and now with a Scottie dog that’s even better….just is it going to be available across the country?????
    I know Nessie would love one mmm tasty treat!!
    Stuart if you hear anything please pass along..

  3. I sent an email enquiry to walkers shortbread at their New York office asking for information of where this shortbread would be available and when or if it could be purchased online. I told them about the Scottish terrier newsletter and how to get kn touch if they have any information to share……..hope we hear something

  4. For ALL interested parties…here is the response I got from Walkers about the Scottie shortbread….act before end of August to take advantage of the discount.

    Thank you for bringing this mention of Walkers Scottie Dogs to our attention. This item is brand new for the Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC.

    Currently this item is available online at our website http://www.walkersus.com and will become available at Amazon, Marmaxx and Home Goods shortly. I will keep you and the group posted as to other stores that will carry the Scottie Dogs shortbread.

    If you want to order the item online please use coupon code “LUVSCOTTIES” to get 20% off your order. The offer expires August 31, 2011 and is not applicable on sale items. Thank you for providing the email address below so I can contact them directly as well and provide this same offer to the other Scottie owners and lovers.


    Barbara Selvaggio

    1. Sheena, thanks so much for this. Barbara followed up with me and I will post more information this weekend. Obviously, Scottie News readers are hungry for this product.

  5. Sheena, thanks for being proactive in getting the information of how to buy!! And the 20% discount!

    I actually will be in Aberlour in September where Walker’s is based in Scotland, and will tell them how much we love their Scottie Dog shortbread so that they will continue to make and distribute to local supermarkets.

  6. Great hope you have a wonderful time – sadly I am not going home this year maybe next year.
    Are you from Scotland originally??
    Glad to be of assistance!!

  7. No, I ‘m not originally but there’s a possible ancestor. I’ve been there several times to work at children summer camps and for university, so I consider it my second home. 🙂 I love it there and would move without hesitation if I could find a company to sponsor me…or a highlander to marry. Of course, my Scottie Tartan loves it there too. And with this hot California weather we are having right now, he’s wishing we were still in Glasgow.

  8. I can’t wait!!! Back at Christmas I contacted a distributor in the US, regarding the Scottie cookie jars and mugs – I’m guessing they’ll be distributing these cookies as well (back then the gift sets were in Metro grocery stores and Zellers, so I went to as many stores as I could and cleaned them all out) Fingers crossed we’ll be able to find them as easily when they come out with these!

  9. How exciting!!! Thank you Ann for the alert & Sheena for getting right on the case for all of us!! CBDad says he’s not sure how he feels about eating Scotties, though! LOL

  10. I am intrigued by the description on the Walker’s website (page linked above): “The Scottish Terrier is one of five breeds of Skye Terriers originating in Scotland.” Maybe I should know, but I didn’t realise there was a “family” of terrier called Skye terriers. I make that: Scottish, West Highland, Cairn, Skye ….and??? What’s the fifth – Dandie Dinmont? (The Sealyham is Welsh.) Hmm!

  11. I went on the site and found the cookies but not the tin. Where can we get the tin? I ordered several!!!

  12. This is great Ann…glad we could get this out to everyone I am sure the tin will be a HUGE hit!!!
    I will need to figure a way of getting the tin I don’t have a CostPlus membership mmmmmm

  13. It is in the article at the top of the page – Cost Plus World Market toward the end of the year.

  14. Sheena, There is no membership required at Cost Plus World Market (http://www.worldmarket.com/home/index.jsp?ab=header:logo). They are carrying the tin pictured above during the holiday season (November and December). I think you are getting it confused with Costco which does have a membership program.

    And CBMum, thank you for the education. I’ll have to do some further research and change the copy accordingly. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention.

    Barbara Selvaggio
    Walkers Shortbread

  15. Barbara, thanks for the information…I said to my husband just last night that I hoped it might be what him and I refer to as World Market and we have one about 20 minute drive from us in Kalamazoo, Michigan…so I am happy for the news.
    Now maybe Walkers would like to think of doing a mixture that would make up all the “Scottish” breed terriers…I have a Westie too and before my husband and I moved to Canada many years ago our very first dog was a Cairn Terrier. We are kind of partial I guess.
    Thanks again

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    I’m curious how I might be notified when a new write-up has been made. I’ve registered to your RSS which must do!

    Have a great day and please excuse my poor english!

  17. Fast forward to Christmas 2012 … tins of Walker’s Scottish Terrier shortbread were available in Wal-Mart (in a rectangular tin, with Scotties stamped on the lid). The tins shaped like Scotties were harder to find – only store I found was a grocery store named “Galati’s” across the street from our hockey arena (these had the tiny Scotties – my neighbour’s daughter liked them so much she ate them ALL … her mother asked where they could find more but they were sold out by then). Cookie jars with Scotties on them were also a find! (white jar with black Scotties, red jar with white Scotties – the shortbread were those small packages good for stuffing into a lunch bag for school). Sorry I didn’t update this info in time for Christmas, but at least there’s hope for next year …

  18. Oh – sorry again for forgetting: Shopper’s Drug Mart had mugs with Scotties, with hot chocolate and again those little lunch bag packages of Walker’s shortbread. They went fast – I was only able to buy one set of each design – they were sold out when I went back for more …

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