Your Scottish Terrier caption here

Scottish Terrier and Pin Up Note Card

Go ahead. Write a caption.

12 thoughts on “Your Scottish Terrier caption here

  1. Hercule Poirot says…. mon ami what will you? You fix upon me a look of doglike devotion….a partial quote!!!

  2. Kathy – that’s a good one…..I racked my brains obviously I don’t have too many I couldn’t come up with anything FUN…..must ask my hubbie now he is home he’s got that kind of quick wit Scotsman about him….

  3. I hope no one minds but my hubbie just came up with this
    “I do tricks too” mmmm is that in bad taste hope everyone thinks it’s fun and not rude.

  4. No he’s not dour but I think a weird sense of humour but then he thinks I don’t have any humour. He is usually quite quick witted as is Scottish though can be a little risqué at times.

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