Oh dear, Brooklyn Westie is stolen!

Winston the Westie is missing

Two Scottish Terrier and Dog News readers write:

I am a devoted follower/reader of your blog. I live in Brooklyn, NY and have a cute little scottie, name Tricia. For her birthday, just July 28th, we got her a companion, a westie named Winston. Last weekend on their anniversary an unfortunate event has occurred.

On 8/5/11, we had our two dogs with us at the Celebrate Brooklyn concert. Following the concert, we took them to Long Meadow for off leash hours. Our younger dog, Winston, a 1 year old West Highland Terrier got spooked by a flashing dog collar light and took off running South in long meadow. We searched until 2am for him before heading home to start making posters and activating HomeAgain (the dog microchipping service).

This weekend, we contacted many, many local vets and the local shelters. On reaching Sean Casey’s Animal Rescue, we were informed that a girl had found our dog and called Sean’s shelter to report. She even took pictures. Along the way she ran into the police and gave him to them. The police promised to take Winston to the shelter the next day. We contacted the girl who was super helpful and sent her pics to us, showing that indeed she had found Winston trying to cross eastern parkway to make his way home. She remembered the officer’s name and we contacted him today. Apparently during the night three women (african american or Caribbean American) pulled up in an old model, black 4 door car with Virginia plates. They convinced the officer that he was their dog and he gave him to them. He was last seen near the corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Ave in Brooklyn.
Please, we appeal to the community to return our puppy. We love and miss him. If you could post this in any way to your site, hopefully someone will see him and be suspicious enough to contact us or the police at the 77th (718-735-0611) precinct who are familiar with the story.
We are offering a $1000 dollar reward for our lost child. He is microchipped and any Vet would be able to assist the current holders of our dog in returning him to us.

We were wandering if you can spread this news to other scottie and westie lovers. We have contacted local blogs and local news, but because it was a Virginia licence plate, we are starting to try to reach out broader.

I have always wanted to send your blog with photos of our happy dogs and dog news. And hope to soon.

Thank you so much.
Kumiko Masaoka & Mike Reinhardt

Let’s hope Winston gets home. Dog thieves are truly odious.

9 thoughts on “Oh dear, Brooklyn Westie is stolen!

  1. I believe the police know exactly where Winston is and that they are lying. Police do not give private property away to people, especially to out-of-state people, without getting proper identification. They write up reports. This is standard procedure.

  2. Why would the girl give it to the Police in the first place? You give lost dogs to either Vets or the Animal Shelter. Wonder why the police didn’t suggest this to her since I don’t think they are allowed to take in animals even at crime scenes. I’m with Monica on this one…the police know and Winston is probably with a policeman’s own family.

  3. Great breaking news!!! Winston is home safe and sound. His human’s never gave up and finally got that call. As suspected, the police GAVE the Winston the Westie away — hanging out on the street in the middle of the night offering him to the first taker. The woman who took Winston, did so, because she felt sorry for him. She assumed it was legit, because it was a policeman who was giving her Winston.

    1. I am so glad to hear this, Monica. Thanks for letting Scottie News know. I’ve added a post and hope we’ll eventually get an exclusive.

      It’s all very bizarre, but it sure seems like your initial instincts were spot on.

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