Any Scottie News readers shaken up?

Please tell us your earthquake stories in the comments.

Update: Stuart of the Scottie Chronicles was half an hour from the epicenter. Head over to his site for details.

5 thoughts on “Any Scottie News readers shaken up?

  1. I work on the 10th floor of a building two blocks from Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan. We felt the floor rumble and the building sway, which caused a lot of confusion among my co-workers and I, who don’t automatically think “earthquake” when the walls and floor begin to shake! We, or at least I, thought “terrorist attack.” My survival instincts kicked in and I fled to Brooklyn. I just wanted AWAY from the skyscrapers! Of course, I felt like a huge dip when I found out it was only an earthquake. I promptly returned to work with my tail tucked.
    Funnily, one of the first thoughts that came to mind as I booked it down ten flights of stairs was that if I were to die, I wouldn’t get to see my new Scottie puppy, who will be weaned and ready for home on September 20!

  2. I think I felt it, but couldn’t swear to it.

    First a little background about my 10 almost 11 year old Jeb. He’s the most vocal dog I’ve ever known, with his little grumps and whines that on a volume of one to ten are usually about a one unless he really wants something. And his barks are a ten. He also sometimes talks in his sleep. They sounds like barks that don’t quite reach all the way to his mouth and sound like “whoop whoop” around a 2 in volume.

    Anyway, we had gone to bed last night and I’m not sure what time it was but he started talking in his sleep again, only this time they were a lot louder than usual. Enough that it bring me from a sound sleep. After five minutes or so later, I started nodding off again, and felt a little jolt like he was trying to jump up on my bed, but he couldn’t have because he was in his crate. So I’m assuming that I felt a tremor from the quake in Trinidad Colorado, about 180 from where I live, that hit about 11:45pm last night.

  3. We live about 20 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake in Virginia and everything seems to be in order at our house. During the 25 seconds of the earthquake our Scottie, Josephine, made sure the earthquake heard her loud and clear and she was definitely close to my heels are the ran out of the house. Luckly the only casuality seems to be a picture of Josephine from last Christmas which is very can be easily replaced.

  4. OH!!!! Check out my post on yesterday’s Scottie Chronicles!!!! We live about a half hour from the epicenter and IT WASN’T PRETTY!!! That thing lasted so long, my peeps had enough time to get up three flights of stairs to find me hiding behind the bathroom door!

    The HOUSE SWAYED and stuff fell of the shelves, furniture was re-arranged, pictures on the walls moved….stuff like that. But, We’re all OK.

    I have to tell you, my peeps were more scared than I was.

    ArrOOOoooOOO! Stuart

  5. We live in central NC and the house vibrated, windows rattled but nothing fell over. Ceilidh & Bella seemed nervous but it lasted only about 15-20 seconds. Very strange, if you aren’t used to that kind of thing!

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