Beloved Scottie memorialized in kids book

The local newspaper, the Record Searchlight, reports on a Northern Californian teacher, whose late granddog provided the inspiration for her first book:

When he was a 19-year-old college student in Sacramento, (the author’s son)  Robbie Young of Roseville, now 32, received Hamish as a Christmas gift from his parents after they bred their Scottish terrier, Wallace, with another owner’s dog. Hamish was the only product of the litter.

Long days filled with classes and jobs, Young took Hamish everywhere as his canine charisma rubbed off onto everyone in his presence.

“Everyone loved him because he was such a good-natured dog,” Young said. “He loved being around people. He was almost like a person than a dog. He was awesome for me. He never felt like a burden because he was so laid back. He always wanted go out. When he saw me heading to the door, he would head to the door, too.”

After Hamish died in January 2010 from multiple health problems, Artim-Young wanted to continue his legacy. When she jotted down her feelings, she realized her words turned into a heartwarming story.

Read the complete article and peep inside the book.

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