Furjazzling for Westie Wednesday

Furzalled West Highland Terrier and companion
Furjazzled West Highland Terrier and companion (or codependent)

Dog groomer Victoria Barter tells the Sun newspaper:

“Sometimes people do come up to me and say that my dogs look awful and it’s unnatural but I don’t care. I think they look super glam.

“The first time I dyed Sasha (the Westie) my mum was fuming. But she’s got used to it now and can see the dogs don’t mind.”

5 thoughts on “Furjazzling for Westie Wednesday

  1. Stupid. How do you know the dyes won’t affect their skins in the long run. Pathetic how an owner would do this to their dogs for their own amusement. Not funny at all. How about I dye you purple and parade you around in downtown Chandler, telling people who don’t like it to just get over it. Do this to a ‘child’ in Arizona and you would be arrested for felony child abuse. But, hey, it’s just a dog, right? Not.

  2. Good grief!!! at least it doesn’t seem to hurt or affect the dogs in any way – hope they use vegetable dyes – but I wouldn’t do it myself.

  3. The questions really is, does it hurt the dogs in the long run? Sometimes it seems things are OK but they really aren’t because the are causing slow damage, like damage to the liver!

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