Have a down and dirty weekend with your Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier gets messy  in grass
And you can take your Westie along too.

8 thoughts on “Have a down and dirty weekend with your Scottish Terrier

  1. Ha Ha ! Looks like my dog – I spend ages pulling bits of grass, twigs, burrs etc of him after a walk – also Captain is such a mud magnet – Just love loves rolling in the mud and dirt – and splashing in puddles, the dirtier the better, often he will turn round and go back to it 3 or 4 times – I don’t try to stop him because I think he should be allowed to behave like a dog – but is this typical scottie behaviour? He’s my first so I have nothing to compare – other friends dogs don’t seem to do this.

    1. I’m not sure if this behavior is “typical” of all Scotties but Angus only likes to roll in grass, as does my Westie. However, I find grass, leaves, etc. do not stick to Ozzie (my Westie) like they do on Angus. I’m not sure why.

  2. Ann, thank you for posting the photo of my boys. They absolutely love going to “Aunt Beth’s” because she has a fenced in yard and can run run run. My next house will have a fenced in yard!

  3. My Westie and Scottie LOVE rolling about in the grass usually FEET in the air and a rub a dub dub but we do the snake along the grass as well…
    I love reading all the responses it’s interesting to hear all the different things that Scottie’s love to do and if they are the same as yours…..there is NO dog that has a personality like a Scottie night and day with my Westie but they are such good buds!!!

  4. Oh do you call it t’the snake’ Captain does it all the time, mainly in the house on the carpet – but outside as well. I’ve never met any other dog with so many interesting personality quirks as the Scotty –

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