Have you tried Groupon for dogs?

If you haven’t heard about Groupon, the internet-era coupon craze sweeping the developed world, I’m not even going to try to explain. Instead, I’m just going to refer you to this very interesting article, which appeared in Vanity Fair last month.

Partly as a result of reading it, I recently tried my first Groupon, which got me $40 worth of Italian food for $20.

For the sake of research, I would have also tried a Groupon for pets, but there was only one being offered in Toronto, where the editorial headquarters of the Scottish Terrier News makes it home, and it wasn’t particularly good value — $50 for a $75 dollar grooming appointment, when I already pay less than $50 for my Scottie’s bath and cut — so I will just have to wait for something more enticing to come along.

The Scottie News did, however, investigate what’s available for pets in Chicago, where Groupon was founded, which means the Windy City’s offerings  should be a portent of things to come for pet owners elsewhere.

First off, there was Poop 911, which seems like a good deal, if you let your dog poop in the garden and never clean up.

Poop 911 has a Groupon offer in Chicago
$20 is a fair price to scoop the poop you were too lazy to pick up

Other Groupons offered discounts of 50% for grooming and  “calming aromatherapy baths,”  71% for nail trimming, 25% for pet supplies and 30% for baked treats.

More Groupon deals for dogs

These deals were found in the “Take Care of My Pets” category in the Now! Deals section, which means you have to be ready to act fast.

Buy a Now! deal for your dog. Or even your cat.
Buy a Now! deal for your dog. Or even your cat. Click to enlarge

To find your city’s offerings, head over to Groupon.com, give them your email and tell them where you live. Or click on the ad in the top right hand corner.

Full disclosure: If you sign up for Groupon and actually buy something, the Scottie News team will get some Groupon bucks to redeem as we will. And if it’s a choice between martinis for me and aromatherapy for the Scottish Terrier, I’m opting for the cocktail.