Lucky Scottish Terriers at the beach

Black and wheaten Scottish Terriers at the beach
Wish you were here

Reader Alejandra writes:

It was always a dream of mine to take my dogs to the beach and watch them have fun and run all over the place.
This weekend, we finally did!!
We went just for the day to see if they liked it and , well they loved it!!

The staff at the Scottie News world headquarters is very envious as we’ve been wanting to go to Costa Rica forever. For now, we’ll live vicariously at the Scottish Pepper blog. But maybe, next year, we’ll actually go.

2 thoughts on “Lucky Scottish Terriers at the beach

  1. Took my boys to the beach for the first time, too (North Beach Provincial Park, Prince Edward County, Ontario – just South of Consecon, North of Picton)
    At first they were content to trot along on the sand, with the waves licking at their feet once in a while – when we finally got to the “dog beach” they suddenly decided they wanted to explore the sand dunes!
    Finally, we got them into the water – at first, just wading … but then their first swim (with us, at least – not sure about their previous life …)
    A great time, until our keys got locked in the truck … sigh.

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