More Scottish Terriers who look like celebs

Kyle writes:

I have a couple of dead ringers for your Scottie/celebrity lookalike feature — a shaggy Scottie dog and Robert Smith, singer for ’80s rock band The Cure!

I love the Web site, by the way. I am about to own my first Scottie puppy after he’s weaned in September. I’m super jazzed about that.

haggy scottish-terrier
Suitably brooding
RobertSmith of the Cure
Suitably disaffected

Good luck, Kyle. Maybe you can teach him to sing.

Or maybe not. After all, not everyone can be a rock star. Consider Amelia for example. Her peeps see a resemblance to Colonel Sanders, with whom she shares a lifelong love of chicken.

Amelia the Wheaten Scottish Terrier
Bearded girl
The Colonel
Bearded old guy


And speaking of Kentucky Fried Scottish Terrier chickens, don’t forget this.

And if you know of a Scottish Terrier with a human doppelganger, please let the Scottie News know.

4 thoughts on “More Scottish Terriers who look like celebs

  1. Robert Smith does have that ‘no I won’t, because I’m badly-done-to’ look Scotties can produce instantly.
    … and Amelia and The Colonel … LOLOL 😀

  2. hello ann!
    i am sitting her chuckling over the Col. Sanders look-alike. i have said many times that our wheaten scottie, fiona, looks just like the Col.!

    ann, i also would like to tell you how sorry i am to have read about the loss of your mother. ann, my mother passed away on august 3 and the past few weeks has been so heartbreaking. i know what you are going through – we are walking this path together.

    becky, duhgall and fiona

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