More Scottish Terriers who look like celebs

Jeremy Brett
Jeremy Brett aka Sherlock Holmes
Kirk the Scottish Terrier
She's a girl but...

Tegan from Liverpool, one of the Scottie News’ most prolific and insightful commenters, writes: “Having a ginger beard means Kirk doesn’t normally look like Jeremy Brett or Sherlock Holmes … but these two pictures are very alike. I think its the nose and scuffy hair that does it, but also the mood. Anyways, I love them both, (big Holmes fan… Jeremy is classic!)”

Kirk, don’t take it the wrong way, even if you are a girl.

For all the rest of you Holmes fans, here’s the link: Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Granada Television Series (12 DVD).

And if your Scottish Terrier resembles someone famous, send the Scottie News the photographic evidence and make your dog famous too.

4 thoughts on “More Scottish Terriers who look like celebs

  1. IMO the resemblance is more than superficial, no human character ever came closer to personifying the personality traits of the Scottish Terrier than Holmes; stubborn, determined, obsessive, fearless and loyal. And Jeremy Brett’s Holmes was definitely the best.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!! I can comment! Bloody-hell, not being able to comment on your own story was a bit miffin! RDWKzoo, I agree… but I’m a bit biased on both accounts 🙂 Bronwyn… do you actually remember Shirley Holmes? flippen-heck, that’s going back a bit LOL! Yes she’s adorable, but looking a bit scuffy at present as she’s been rolling in the garden. She’s went to a fun dog show today with mum and won best in show, at 12 that’s good going!

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