Saturday morning terrier agility workout

Thanks to Margareta who sent the link to this Scottie dog agility video with this message: “Here is what Telltails scotties in Estonia do to entertain themselves.” Well, it’s pretty entertaining for all us Scottie News readers as well. Not to mention inspirational. Those buff looking dogs make me want to order backyard agility equipment for Bridget and then hit the gym myself.

Hitchcock may have some competition.

14 thoughts on “Saturday morning terrier agility workout

  1. I love the fact that all the black Scotties have it sussed…. stop and eat your treats properly, none of this madly running and scoffing at the same time. Oh and getting fed while weaving through the poles… hey, I’d weave through the poles if someone kept shoving treats (chocolate) at me :)
    This made me smile ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. ๐Ÿ˜€
      The black ones have just started practicing, so it takes a lot of treats, there will be less treats once they have more practice. The most important thing at this stage is to keep them motivated!!!

    2. Good point. I’d like to remind everyone who does indeed do an agility or other type of workout this weekend not to overcompensate with the treats.

      1. ROTFL … O.K, must remember that Ann when I workout at the gym tonight… no treats :) When Kirk started practicing agility Margareta, she also used to stop to scoff the treats, but sadly she never got passed that stage… totally my fault. I was hopeless at agility, all that left, then right stuff, couldn’t make up my mind where I was going so Kirk and I always collided! We left when everyone started laugthing at us, including me. Shame as she loves to jump over things, she’s far too old to start over now.

  2. A few more comments. The aim of this video was to show that scotties do enjoy agility very much, and it is a great way of spending quality time with your dog(s). And anybody can keep up with a scottie in agility (*blushing*)!
    Serious competition on a championship level is usually ruled out with a scottie (my huge respect to Hitchcock and his handler!), but agility can be a great way to improve your contact with your dog and overcome some problems such as insecurity/aggressive behavior.
    I have 5 scotties and have recently started to breed scotties – my prefix is Telltails and I come from Estonia. As I don’t keep my scotties crated and they spend a lot of time in my yard, running freely, I started to lose touch with them… I saw how they interacted with each other, but were not very interested in me. Practicing agility has changed all of this. Of course, you could achieve this with any other sport, but to me and my dogs, agility is a perfect match.

  3. Fabulous video. Our Scotties gave Steve a run for his money this morning – he slipped and nearly put hmself through the fence trying to keep up with them.

  4. Wonderful video! Those are some happy healthy dogs! I loved that it showed how to motivate the dogs as well. Plus I am half Estonian so I liked that aspect as well.

  5. Three Scotties on a teeter-totter??? I don’t think I could teeter-totter alone much less with anybody else! Think I’ll get some equipment and try it out.

    Aroooo! Stuart

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