Scottie News is going on vacay!


Scottish Terrier makes good use of dog lifejacketThe before and after versions of Lallee’s Buzz can be seen at Flickr

See you in September, everyone.

The editorial staff of the Scottie News will drop in from time to time to moderate comments and maybe even to chat a bit. But, unless the biggest Socttish Terrier story ever breaks, we won’t be returning to regular posting until September 7th.

Have a good two weeks and if you feel withdrawal symptoms coming on, please explore the archives or some of the other fine Scottie blogs there are out there.

Scottie bloggers, feel free to post links to your sites in the comments.

Bye for now.

11 thoughts on “Scottie News is going on vacay!

  1. Enjoy the vacation! Find a nice warm spot where the sun is streaming through the window, roll over, and fall asleep with your paws in the air. Dream about chasing rabbits.

  2. have a good Holiday, and come back refreshed. – Captain and I have just come back from brighton , near london – It is such a dog friendly place , and Captain was made a big fuss of because Scotties are fairly scarce around here.

  3. Read something fun, drink something fruity, see something beautiful, sleep in comfort, and turn into the wind and sniff.

    Have a great vaco!

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