Scottie News will be here later today

Another update: Could someone please try the comment feature and let Scottie News know what’s up. The lack of comments is making me deeply suspicious.

Updated: Comments are fixed.

We are still working on getting the comments fixed. In the mean time, you can always email us at

More news stories will be coming your way later today including the backlash against the university prof who has cruelly shattered the myth of Greyfriars Bobby. What next? Recreational puppy kicking?

6 thoughts on “Scottie News will be here later today

  1. Well done for getting us back 🙂 However, I’m still having problems with the site as some areas are appearing as blank boxs? and what happened to the ‘go earlier’ option? I’ve been on my holiday and so wanted to catch-up but can’t read all of Aug posts?

    1. I’m looking into it. Meanwhile, if you or anyone else see something wonky, please let Scottie News know.

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