Scottie puppy has good haircut and soccer skills

He’ll go far in life.

4 thoughts on “Scottie puppy has good haircut and soccer skills

  1. As a scoucer, I consider myself somewhat born opinionated on all things football (soccer.) Olaf has ability, but he needs to move with the ball a little more. He’s playing like Steven Gerrard, mauling the ball and not passing, this should come with time and practice. Anyways … wish we had him playing for Everton… we got nothing in the way of decent transfers this season, let alone some fresh talent 🙁

  2. Well, Tegan, I’m glad to see that the confidence you lack in agility, you make up for in football. Scottie News needs a European football correspondent.

  3. What a brave and strong little Scottie. He is willing to take on that BIG SOCCER BALL. He should get points just for taking on the ball.

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