Sorry, there is something wrong with the comments

The Scottie News staff thought it was strange that we hadn’t received any comments lately. And then we checked and saw that something funny was going on. Don’t worry. We’ll get it fixed so you can have your say. In the mean time, Fibonacci’s owner and personal photographer has given us permission to publish his full-size photo.

The Scottish Terrier in the mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall...

One thought on “Sorry, there is something wrong with the comments

  1. I think you do a great job with Scottish Terrier News!!! My Scotties, Addie and Meggie, love it.

    Did you know that Hermes has a scarf from 2007 that has a scottie on it? It is called “Les Boxes” and there is a Scottie in the very center. On the red one, the Scottie is black. There are several for sale on Ebay right now for chic Scottie mavens everywhere!!!

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