Start the week with a Scottish Terrier puppy or more

Reader Robert writes:

Friday, August 5th, we drove to Buffalo Junction, Virginia, to adopt an 11 week old Scottish Terrier. Being fans of “NCIS,”(Ed’s note: That’s NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service in case, like me, you didn’t know about it) we had already picked out two possible names: “McGee” for a boy. or “Ziva,” for a girl. (I wouldn’t even have thought of naming a dog “DiNozzo.” Although”Gibbs, Abby or Ducky,” might have worked.)

There were 4 Scotties in the litter: 2 male Wheatens and 2 black females. One of the sisters were high energy and the other, very calm. The boys had already been adopted.

We opted for the calm puppy and named her “Ziva.” Ziva had her first visit at the vet’s, today, and is doing quite well. She is very affectionate and enjoys living in the tourist capital of Williamsburg, Virginia.

Congratulations, but I can’t help but wonder who got the high energy female… With any luck it was someone like Tim, who hails from a family whose Scottie roots go way back. He writes:

Let me introduce you to our latest little girl – Moffat IV.  She is the 4th for us since our marriage.  My folks had 13 during their lifetime, my brother is on his 3rd and my daughter is beginning the search for her 2nd.  I’ve been living with Scotties for 67 years and haven’t had a bad one amongst them. The breed speaks for itself without saying a word – but then I’m preaching to the choir.  Thank you for your website and the work you put into it. It is a great source of enjoyment, education and other information.  AROOOOO

Moffat IV Adorable Scottie puppy

Oh, but those puppies grow up so quickly. Reader Tanya writes from South Africa:

Six month old Scottish Terrier playing with her BFF

I just love The Scottish Terrier News! I am attaching a photo of my little treasure Poppy. The picture was snapped at the park while playing with her good friend and partner in crime, Luci. The two of them are approximately the same age, 6 months, but Luci clearly has a height advantage which she uses to the full. Poppy however, is never fazed and loves chasing her around the park. Together they are quite comical and provide us with hours of entertainment especially when we get goofy pictures like these.

Thank you once again for a stunning “read” and I look forward to the next edition.

Well,thank you, all of you, for all bouquets. But, honestly, the Scottie News would be nothing without its fabulous readers and all their equally fabulous Scottish Terriers.

6 thoughts on “Start the week with a Scottish Terrier puppy or more

  1. This site always makes me smile and why not……the owners above tell it just like it is! Wonderful breed……….

  2. I love Scottie puppies, but now that we are on the board of Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue, we’ve learned that many breeders are not taking care of their dogs. Anyone who buys a puppy needs to be sure they are working with a breeder who take good care of the dogs. Our dogs need everyone’s support!

  3. A Scottie puppy is the PERFECT way to start a week. My mom and I always had Scotties growing up, now my husband and I are planning on getting our first for our one year anniversary! Can’t wait!! Love your site!

  4. Scottie puppies make me feel a bit Lennie-ish as their cute, earnest faces makes me want to cuddle them tightly!!

  5. My girl, rescued from St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue, was named for Kate on NCIS. However, now she thinks she was named for the Dutchess of Cambridge.

  6. Believe it or not, I think I may have the high energy little Scottie girl. We got her from buffalo junction Va (we live outside of Richmond) and lemme tell you….high energy doesn’t begin to describe her….she’s as sweet as can be, and she’s itty bitty compared to others we’ve had, but shes got a typical hard headed Scottie personality ten fold. We named her lulu and her fave pasttime is destroying every toy I buy for her…right down to tearing apart one of those rubber Kong toys. The other day we found her with a pair of half eaten glasses….she ate half the frames and one lense. Luckily tho we’re a Scottie family, we’re definitely used to the hyper toddler age scotties. Lulu’s actually our 6th (i was only a baby for the first 2) and she’s got a big brother wheaton Scottie names Jack who is veerry docile. But they compliment each other well. Glad to see lulu’s sister is doing well!

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