Sunday Scottish Terrier photographs

Scottish Terrier with large mouth and long tongue
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Panting Scottish Terrier
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Is the unphotographed life worth living?

This anonymous Scottish Terrier, muse to Dmitir Zoubov, might not think so. Follow the link to see that he  gets up to a lot more than just sitting around with his tongue hanging out.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Scottish Terrier photographs

  1. Wendy
    #1: I’m the newest environmentally-friendly gadget for your home, the “Scottish” Fly Trap! See me in action below.
    #2: Set me up anywhere. If I sit still long enough, the fly will land on my tongue. I’m better than fly paper.

  2. I just took a beautiful photo of my Scottie girls and can’t figure out how to post it to share. Can you help me out??

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