TGIF at the Scottish Terrier News

Happy Meter - From Bark-O (Scottish Terrier) Art Print
Happy Meter – From Bark-O (Scottish Terrier) Art Print

Why Scottie News is happy it’s Friday: Today on our morning walk, Bridget found the same nasty bone bit I’d pried from her jaws yesterday.

Tell us why you’re happy it’s Friday.

7 thoughts on “TGIF at the Scottish Terrier News

  1. This is the greatest print! We love it! Maybe that’s why I’m happy it’s Friday – We hop over to Scottish Terrier News on Fridays and get a BIG smile on Our faces!

    ArroOOOodle-Doodle-Dooooo! Stuart

  2. What a fun print! It makes me think of my Scottie Abby’s 360-degree tail wags! They make me smile any day of the week! 🙂

  3. I have this print hanging up on the wall above the dog food bowls! I have always loved it. Although my little Dale E. Dog is gone now, this will always remind me of him when I fill the bowls…

  4. Ditto Stuart! We love this website. It always makes us smile, on occassion sad depending on the story, but it makes us smile.
    Thanks, Ann
    Riley and Lyric (owners of Art and Cheryl)

  5. It’s Friday…and I am not on call! And our 12-year-old Scottie Ceilidh is doing well with her chemo treatment for bladder cancer….

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